In the Heat of Night

In the Heat of the Night  By Ashley H. …more like in the heat of the day! As summer approaches, and the winter season is in our rearview mirror, many are faced with new temperature challenges. Yay! We got rid of the cold and frigid temperatures, but bring on the stale and dry heat. Summertime […]

Letting the Light Shine, not Blind

By Gina G. Letting the Light Shine, Not Blind Allowing natural light to enter a room, rather than simply relying on artificial lighting, can be a delightful addition to any room.  Often times, accomplishing this can seem difficult to do with window treatments because most times people require privacy and can confuse getting privacy with darkening […]

Think Spring!

By Sami E. Winters can be dull, cold, and grey. As the weather starts to warm, nothing can bring the spring vibe into your home like some bright, natural colours. New window treatments can be a great way to ditch those winter blues and get ready for warmer weather. A little green in your room […]

Enjoying the Fall View

By Gloria H. That time of year has come when the view from outside your window is quickly changing.  The leaves that were once green are now a warm orange or deep red.   You want to have a chance to enjoy whats happening outside before they fall off the trees and are covered in […]

Sunglasses for Your Window

By: Tiffany P. If you are looking for a product option that allows you to still enjoy your view all the while protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the sunweave are the perfect window treatment for you.

Take a Chance With Sunweaves

By: Nariah K. Summer is here and what better way to cover up your windows with some shades that protect you and your home from those damaging heat waves. I know many of you may experience those hot summer days when the sun is beating in your window and no matter what you do, you […]

Where is the Shade? 

By: Ashley H. The summer months are very popular for many people. It’s the time when you can kick off the snow boots, shred those chunky sweaters off your back, and slip into a simple dress or some shorts and step out with flip-flops. At this time of year, we trade the dull and cold […]

Hot, Hot, Hot

By: Tiffany H. Summer is almost here! It’s time to break out the bathing suits and beach wear, showing off that new figure you’ve been working on all winter, and get to work on trying to achieve the perfect tan. Now lets switch gears and turn our focus on getting your windows on tight summer […]