Sunglasses to Read?!

By: Daphnee   The other day I wanted to read the last ten pages of The Game of Thrones. I took a big chair and I sat next to the window in the sunroom. Holy moly! It was really bright, my eyes hurt, and I could definitely feel the strength of the summer sun (I […]

Relaxing Room

By: Erica         There is nothing more relaxing than being in a room that makes you feel like you are outside all year round. A place to take you away from all the madness and chaos that life brings on a daily basis. Well, at least in my life that is! Just recently […]

Sunweaves for Brighty

By: Keith I recently moved into a huge house in the south of France which contains a sun room where I love to sit and watch the waves while hanging out with my pet bird, Brighty.  Nonetheless, my main issue is that the room is mostly windows and they are all empty.  This results in […]

Natural Weave Theme Sun Room

By: Dominic   One of the best places in your house to kick back and relax during the summer time would be your sunroom. There are many different themes that you can go with when decorating and furnishing your sunroom and one of the most popular would be a bright, natural look. There are all […]

Easy Solution For Our Sunroom

By: Sherry   My husband and I recently decided to re-do some of the rooms in our house. We hadn’t updated anything since we first moved in 10 years ago. On our list of rooms was our dreaded sunroom. I say dreaded because there are a lot of windows and they are pretty big. When […]

Sunweaves in the Sunroom

By: Kim    Looking for something to cut down on that harsh summer sun but want to maintain that view? Sunweaves do just that. They come in various weaves and thicknesses so you can choose how much sun is let in, and how much you can see through them. They are also easy to clean […]

Blinds and Shades for Sunrooms

By: Ashley Sclafani    Here are some of the most practical options, in my opinion, for sunroom blinds and shades:

Sun Room 101

By: Kim I have a sun room with a large double sliding glass door and 6 large windows. Buying the house initially my thoughts were “this is such a beautiful room! So much light and air flow!” ; as I am sure most people feel.. But little do you know, decorating that room quickly becomes […]

Sunweaves in Sunrooms

By: Jessica One of the most popular options for sun rooms would be the Blinds to Go Sunweave collection. These multi-purpose shades let natural light through while keeping the view to the beautiful outside. This line of shades will block some of the UV rays as well as the harsh glare that comes along with direct […]