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Cellulars for My Sunroom

By: SherrySOLIDTONES_1202A


I had purchased my house not too long ago and I am very lucky to have a sunroom. I love how sunny and bright the room is. It is the room I usually try to sit in during the afternoon when I want to relax. Right away, I hung up paper shades because I have close neighbors and needed something so I wouldn’t be a fishbowl. But after a month, I was ready to purchase something permanent.

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“Summer Gatherings”

By: Kim



I always use my sunroom as a gathering space for when we have guests over. I want to be able to use it more than just in the spring and fall – but the heat in the summer is just unbearable. Originally, we put up some vinyl mini blinds as a quick fix, and they did block out some of the light and help a little with the heat in the room.  Unfortunately, they did not at all give me the look that I wanted in the room – they looked like a quick fix too.

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A Sunroom “Don’t”

By: Carrie 


Everybody has there own tastes. When it comes to interior decorating, sometimes I forget that. I have pretty strong opinions on the subject; it’s definitely a passion of mine. There are things I absolutely hate that other people just adore and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

But with great patience I’ve learned to reign in my opinions and tailor my suggestions to the individual. There’s just one faux pas that makes me put my foot down…

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Sunrooms Sunrooms Sunrooms!!!

By: Rhiannon Rol-RedwoodWalnut_8736

Have you ever asked what you want your sunroom to do for you? Well I have, and I have mixed emotions, thoughts and ideas.

Some days I want my sunroom to be my quiet place to read or have my morning cup of coffee while watching the sun come up, with the room furnished earth tones, calming décor, and comfy over sized furniture. Other days, I want it to have a big ol’ flat screen TV, big surround sound speakers, bold colors, and contemporary art.

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Lake Front View

By Dominic

Cameo White paneltrack 2

About a week ago, I  finished the construction on my new sun porch in the back of my house facing the lake.  I wanted the room to be very open and bright, so I put eight windows and a french door into the room. (This was before I had put much thought into what kind of window treatments I would purchase to cover them all).

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Serenity… Not Just in the Name

By: Karen

I just finished my new living room. We actually closed in our back porch, and finished the room – so technically it is more of a living room/sunroom combination. It’s a very casual room that will be used for entertaining. We painted all of the walls a pale beige, and the trim around the windows a bright white. The couch and chairs are a canvas fabric in light beige tones, and the side tables and coffee tables have a distressed white painted finish. The only thing left to tackle is the windows.

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