Cellulars for My Sunroom

By: Sherry   I had purchased my house not too long ago and I am very lucky to have a sunroom. I love how sunny and bright the room is. It is the room I usually try to sit in during the afternoon when I want to relax. Right away, I hung up paper shades […]

Easy Solution For Our Sunroom

By: Sherry   My husband and I recently decided to re-do some of the rooms in our house. We hadn’t updated anything since we first moved in 10 years ago. On our list of rooms was our dreaded sunroom. I say dreaded because there are a lot of windows and they are pretty big. When […]

“Summer Gatherings”

By: Kim   I always use my sunroom as a gathering space for when we have guests over. I want to be able to use it more than just in the spring and fall – but the heat in the summer is just unbearable. Originally, we put up some vinyl mini blinds as a quick […]

Sunweaves in the Sunroom

By: Kim    Looking for something to cut down on that harsh summer sun but want to maintain that view? Sunweaves do just that. They come in various weaves and thicknesses so you can choose how much sun is let in, and how much you can see through them. They are also easy to clean […]

A DIY Sunroom Door

  By: Carrie    A few months back, my cousin bought her first house. As the unofficial family décor guru, she came straight to me for advice. The house has a somewhat strange layout. There’s an area off the living room that the realtor called a nook, but it’s unlike any I’ve ever seen. It […]

Should I?

By: Carrie    Expanding your home can be a costly and stressful proposition. But, with houses still selling for far less than they were originally bought at, many homeowners are looking to add on instead of selling. If you’re going to put on an addition to your home, consider adding a sunroom. Typically on the […]

A Room By Any Other Name…

 By: Carrie   A bedroom is called a bedroom because there’s a bed in it. A bathroom, by general definition, has a bath in it. (Fun fact! North America is one of the only regions where a room with a toilet is called a “bathroom”. Everywhere else, a bath is required and a toilet is […]

Lake Front View

By Dominic About a week ago, I  finished the construction on my new sun porch in the back of my house facing the lake.  I wanted the room to be very open and bright, so I put eight windows and a french door into the room. (This was before I had put much thought into […]