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Motorize It!


If you have a garage, you probably don’t think twice about having a garage-door opener. There’s no way you’re getting out of the car to open the door! (Well, not in 2017 anyway) And what about your TV remote—some of us were designated channel changers as kids…ahem. As humans have done for millennia, we’re always coming up with ways to make life easier, more attractive, safer, and fun!

That’s where you find home décor now: at the crossroads of fun and functional. Motorized blinds and shades knock both out of the park, so let’s take a closer look at how they’ll change your life:

  1. Safety

It has to be said, especially during National Window Covering Safety Month, that motorized blinds and shades are cordless and therefore safer for homes with young children and pets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ranks blinds and shades with cords as one of the top-five hidden hazards in our homes, and recommends replacing older, corded products with newer ones. You can also automatically control motorized blinds and shades to be out of the way when your little one is awake.

  1. Security

Each minute in the United States four homes are burglarized. Making it look like you’re home, night and day, is an important crime deterrent, and moving your window coverings while you’re not home is easy with motorization. When you connect motorized window coverings to a home automation system, you can program your blinds to lower automatically in the evening and rise in the morning on a daily basis, or operate them remotely with your home automation app. No one will know you’re not home.

  1. Convenience

Control all your shades simultaneously or individually from a wall switch or with a remote—it’s your choice! And, motorization is like an invisible ladder to your skylights. Now you can flood your home with sun through your skylights or other hard-to-reach windows, and instantly close them up when you want blackout, dark conditions for sleeping or watching TV; All with the touch of a button. Also when smart technology and energy efficiency combine—watch out. Remote sensors placed on motorized window coverings can detect how much sunlight your room is getting and move the shades accordingly. This also helps protect your couch, rugs, and wood floors from fading in the sun.

  1. Style
    Trends have a habit of sticking around—especially ones that increase the worth of our most valuable assets! Yes, motorizing your blinds and shades right now allows you a certain cachet, but in five years it might be standard, like garage door openers and TV remotes. Your investment in motorized window coverings now will pay off for years down the road.
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Bring the Islands to New England

Bring the Islands To New England

The winter has come and gone, and it’s finally time to open up your house, and update the decor a little for the season.  A great way to change things up is to decorate with a “tropical theme.” Although this probably prompts images of palm trees and pineapples, don’t worry, there is a tasteful and tactful way to bring this design into your home.

For starters, the most important part of the island style decor is to keep it simple, and use colors that create a calm and tranquil feeling.  For wall colors, go with something very neutral – whites, off whites, and at the
most a color that is very saturated in white (think a color with the feel of water – but not necessarily a vivid blue color).  If you are starting from scratch, stay along the same lines with the furniture – nothing too bold in color or style.

The way to bring in color is through some accents pieces – remember – less is more! You can bring in a pop of color through some side panels on the windows, artwork, or decorative pieces (candles, blankets,
pillows). Think about bringing in a color like a bright green, aqaua, or bright blue – reminiscent of colors you would come across if you were visiting an island.  Don’t forget, you can bring in some pieces with palm trees or pineapples (or any other trends) but keep it to a minimal – once piece looks classic, multiple pieces can overdo a good thing.

A great room to decorate in this style is your bedroom – because after you fall in love with it you can keep it
as your year round getaway – who doesn’t want to retreat to the islands when it’s snowing out?!

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Decorating Tips for the Spring


By: Ashley

Are you remodeling or repainting this spring? Here are some great tips!


Anytime you are remodeling, make sure to save a sample piece and have it on you when you are shopping for décor! Set aside an extra piece of tile from your floor, wall or backsplash. Get a sample of your new granite countertop. Stain a piece of wood in the color you used. Save a piece of the molding or wallpaper you just put up. And absolutely have a sample of your paint colors!

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French Country Kitchen.

By: Brenna

After doing the annual spring cleaning in my kitchen, I realized it was about time I purchased some new shades. Not only because they had been up for years and were falling apart, but because I could no longer scrub them to the white they once were.

The kitchen itself is in the style of French Country; light, sunny colors, distressed whites, and light woods. Style-wise roller shades went well with the theme, so I decided to go with the same product.

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