Motorize It!

  If you have a garage, you probably don’t think twice about having a garage-door opener. There’s no way you’re getting out of the car to open the door! (Well, not in 2017 anyway) And what about your TV remote—some of us were designated channel changers as kids…ahem. As humans have done for millennia, we’re […]

Bring the Islands to New England

Bring the Islands To New England The winter has come and gone, and it’s finally time to open up your house, and update the decor a little for the season.  A great way to change things up is to decorate with a “tropical theme.” Although this probably prompts images of palm trees and pineapples, don’t […]

Decorating Tips for the Spring

By: Ashley Are you remodeling or repainting this spring? Here are some great tips!   Anytime you are remodeling, make sure to save a sample piece and have it on you when you are shopping for décor! Set aside an extra piece of tile from your floor, wall or backsplash. Get a sample of your […]