solar shades

solar shades


The New Kid on the Block – Panel Track Edition

By Darius J.

While plastic vertical blinds are on the decline, Panel track blinds maybe on the rise; with two great styles to choose from (Woven wood, Roller shade) Panel track blinds has tons of options; unlike traditional vertical blinds. As previous stated Panel track blinds has many options, for instance Panel track blinds can come as a translucent shade for privacy but still able to let natural light in once its close; or a transparent blind that will let light filter in while seeing through the actual material.

Equally important Panel track blinds are great if you have a very wide and tall window that you want to cover; but don’t want the hassle of having a lot of little slats like on traditional vertical blinds. Panel track blinds cover more space with limited amount of panels used.

In conclusion Panel track blinds are very easy to operate, when they are opened the panels will stack neatly to the side, all overlapping each other; in the same sense the panel track comes with a continuous cord loop that is mounted on the side to give a safe and clean look.

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Oversized Windows

Large, wide and/or tall windows are things of beauty. They let in an awe-inspiring amount of light, allow amazing views of the outdoors, and can even make the room seem larger. We are excited to share some tips for how to choose a custom window treatments for your large or wide windows.
Our first recommendation is vertical blinds. This window treatment is perfect for windows that are wider than they are tall . They’re a durable alternative to drapes, and the PVC slats can hold up to elements such as sunlight or moisture; an important factor to consider if you are installing them over a large kitchen window or even a bathroom. The vinyl also helps to keep the light out when they are closed and will help with insulation as well. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, as well as fabric. Fabric vertical blinds are a great way to get that more “drapery” feel to your windows and a softer look in general.
Another option are Allure vertical sheers. These soft and elegant window treatments mimic a flowing drapery when open or closed. They are mainly light filtering but do allow for privacy when closed as well. They are a great option for someone who wants more of a fabric drapery look.
Roller shades and Solar shades are also great options for large windows. They can span wide widths and fit the decor of modern styled homes with large windows. Your home may have windows that are extremely tall or even out of reach. The solar shades also gives you a nice view outside when the shade is down and keeps the heat out.  selections blinds and shades will be the right solution for you, with the touch of a button, Motorization allows you to tilt your blinds, raise and lower your shades, even if they are out of reach.
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Solar Shades

Solar shades are a great choice when privacy isn’t a factor, but blocking light and glare are still important. Solar shades will prevent UV rays from fading your furniture, floors, and other household items. They’ll also help to keep the glare of outdoor sunlight off your TV. They’re just like sunglasses for your windows!

Solar shades come in different levels of opacity, varying from 3% – 10% openness. Now what does that mean? A 3% shade will block almost 99% of the UV rays, while a 10% will block about 86%, and so on. The lower the percentage, the tighter the weave of the material, and the less light will be let through. The more popular choice is usually around 5% opacity. It’s what you’ll tend to see in most commercial and residential applications.

People who have a great view and don’t want window coverings at all often turn to solar shades as a way to protect their home from UV damage. As long as the opacity is at a high level, you’ll have a clear view through. The shades will also keep your home cooler and more efficient because they’re blocking heat.

At the end of the day, solar shades are a great way to both aesthetically cover your windows AND keep your home protected by dangerous UV rays.

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Stop and Enjoy the View

Stop and Enjoy The View

As Spring turns to Summer, you can look forward to warmer weather and longer days to enjoy. One of our favorite things to do is to appreciate the beautiful outdoors while still inside your home.  For those of us who love the natural light or want that ability to see outdoors, we have the perfect solution in our Solar, Cascade, Serenity, and our newly added Allure Shades.

Our Solar Shades are a great option for shades than can help to block those harmful UV rays from the sun. These shades are made of a special material that is woven in a particular way so that light may still pass through but it blocks the UV rays which are harmful to your skin, furniture and carpets. These shades are even known for cutting out the glare on a television as well – all without ever compromising the view! These shades are perfect for Kitchens, SunRooms or even sliding glass doors!

Speaking of sliding glass doors, Allure Shades are a beautiful new concept of window treatment that are perfect for them! Unlike the Solar Shades, Allure shades allow you to keep your privacy when you need it or enjoy your view when you want it; much like a Vertical Blind. They are offered in neutral colors so they will match or blend with almost any decor style. The best part is if you have windows nearby too, you can use their counterparts: the Cascade and Serenity shades!

Cascade and Serenity are similar in the sense that they are shades but also function like a blind. Although in different ways, both shades open and close completely and or tilt/alter how much light is let in for both privacy and room darkening features. These window treatments give any room a relaxed and contemporary look.

So when shopping for new window coverings this season, look no further than the ones at  Blinds To Go that will help you make the most out of your indoor life AND outdoor life!

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Take a Chance With Sunweaves

By: Nariah K.

Dubai Earl Grey Roller

Summer is here and what better way to cover up your windows with some shades that protect you and your home from those damaging heat waves. I know many of you may experience those hot summer days when the sun is beating in your window and no matter what you do, you can’t get it to stop. Let’s not forget, the sun is beautiful and it makes people happy but it can also come with a lot of damaging aspects that can make homeowners not so happy. In the spring, going into summer time, I receive a lot of customer complaints and concerns. The number one complaint would be that the sun is damaging their floors and furniture. A lot of customers enjoy the brightness of the sun but cant stand the damage it is capable of causing.

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Where is the Shade? 

By: Ashley H.


The summer months are very popular for many people. It’s the time when you can kick off the snow boots, shred those chunky sweaters off your back, and slip into a simple dress or some shorts and step out with flip-flops. At this time of year, we trade the dull and cold air with warmer temperatures and smoother living. But even with this being said, sometimes it can get too hot and that is when the uncomfortable feeling and hatred towards summer comes in. In homes, many people still have their curtains and drapes up because they block a good amount of light, but now is the time to shed those old hot looking window treatments for a sleek and cooler option.

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Hot, Hot, Hot

By: Tiffany H.


Summer is almost here! It’s time to break out the bathing suits and beach wear, showing off that new figure you’ve been working on all winter, and get to work on trying to achieve the perfect tan. Now lets switch gears and turn our focus on getting your windows on tight summer condition with a change of the season comes a change of the shades.

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Sunglasses to Read?!

By: Daphnee



The other day I wanted to read the last ten pages of The Game of Thrones. I took a big chair and I sat next to the window in the sunroom. Holy moly! It was really bright, my eyes hurt, and I could definitely feel the strength of the summer sun (I had to move the chair away from the window, or else I would have had to get out my sunglasses to finish the book). I guess prior to this experience, I had never thought about how much sun hits that part of the house; clearly something needed to be done.

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Relaxing Room

By: EricaTokyo Cappucino      


There is nothing more relaxing than being in a room that makes you feel like you are outside all year round. A place to take you away from all the madness and chaos that life brings on a daily basis. Well, at least in my life that is! Just recently I made an addition to my home that most would call a sunroom. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a room that I would be using often since I have three kids and work a full-time job. I wouldn’t be enjoying much sun with a schedule like mine. But I have to say, it is the best investment I have ever made!

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