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Yard Sale Lookouts

Finding and incorporating retro or vintage items can finish off or start a whole new décor scheme for a room in your home. Some things you can find new that are meant to look old or weathered other you can actually find and a lot of the time you will pay less. And when you can’t find that perfect item to finish off a room or be that focal point you can use some tricks to weather and DIY them yourself!

One of the places you can find a lot of great items for that farm house feel or vintage looking pieces is actually Target. I know what you are thinking why would target have it? Well they partnered with HGTVs Joannah Gaines to carry her Hearth and Home Collection. This collection has a ton of great pieces that are both affordable and stylish.

One of my personal favorite places to find these type of items is at estate or garage sales. You can really find anything at these sales and normally pick them up very cheap because people just want more room. You can find a lot of old items at these types of sales, weathered wood that you can repurpose to make into tables or accent signs, and thing to keep an eye open for are cool little knick-knacks that you can use to fill console tables or shelves. These items can very quiet a bit and be personal to your style, for example skeleton keys candle sticks interesting sculptures and even old typewriters and cameras whatever you see and can’t live without! Estate and garage sales are normally limited to the weekends and if you are looking to get a great deal earlier in the week you may want to check out some thrift or antique shops. As they say, one persons’ trash is another persons’ treasure.

And if you can’t find that perfect piece there are some great easy ways to weather metal and wood. A lot of these are explained in some great tutorials online but are as simple as soaking the metal in lemon juice to give it a nice patina and aged look. Whatever the look is its most likely you can spend some time and make it yourself and then you will truly have a one of a kind piece that you can be proud of.

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Effectively Decorating Your Studio Apartment

You just got that new place; a place to call your own. A nice, little studio apartment with a quaint view of the park across the street; then you walk in and realize you have no idea how to create an effective space which include both a kitchen and a bedroom. Well, that’s why we’re here to help!

Studio apartments are infamous for being “impossible” to make feel like a home. I strongly disagree. There are hundreds of ways to make a small space feel like a few different spaces while still maintaining an open living concept. The first of these being dividers. One of the most effective ways to divide or separate a space now-a-days is the cubed-shelving. These shelves literally just look like hollow squares stacked on top of one another and/or next to each other. This allows for space to be separated (say from a kitchen to where the bed will be) yet still have the voided space which is great for maintaining that open feeling and also great for storage and decor! Another great way to both decorate and “section-off” your studio apartment, is to use area rugs. Something we have found works really well is solid colored area rugs what blend well together but are a different color for different space. It ends up creating a very elegant and modern look in the space.

Greenery and plant life are also a great thing to add to any studio apartment. This creates an organic and calming sensation in a space and almost guarantees a sense of comfort in any space, large or small. There is something about plants that just make people happy. And the best part is, you don’t have to have a real plant! It can be a fake one too, so no excuses with the “i don’t have a green thumb” thing. You can find great fake trees or ferns that look 100% real for a relatively low cost as well.

The last part of decorating a studio apartment that we would like to talk about are the window treatments. In most studio apartments, you typically have 1 or maybe 2 windows TOTAL since it is such a small space. In this case you don’t have a lot of natural light so you need to make sure you have a blinds or shade that will let in natural light even if closed. There are a lot of options now for shades that act as blinds too so they will give you privacy when needed but also allow for the natural like to come in as well.

When decorating small spaces, always remember that less is more. Organization is key as well. Happy decorating!!

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