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Roman Shades – Overrated?

By: Karen

A few months after moving into my new house, I realized that it was time for some shades. I didn’t really need them too much for privacy being the house was set away from the street, but my windows really looked bare with nothing on them. I had asked my friends for some different suggestions, and gotten a few responses, but the most common response I got was that I absolutely had to do roman shades throughout my first floor. To be honest, I am not too familiar with window treatments, so I checked them out in the houses of the friends that had suggested them, and honestly I really did like the look of them. They were a finished look, and really decorative. To be honest, the only downside was they were very dressy, and the décor throughout my house isn’t that formal, but I figured there had to be some more casual patterns than what my friends had, so I set out on an investigation.

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Roman Shades for an Elegant Room

By: Brenna

My formal dining room was all but complete and I just needed to find appropriate window treatments. My walls are a rich red and my molding and furniture is a deep almond stain.
The room is elegant yet simple; the colors are the main attraction and everything else is more subdued. I prefer a clean, tailored look, so I wanted to stay away from heavy drapes.

Unfortunately, once curtains are eliminated, the options for a shade fancy enough to withstand my dining room are slim. I knew I’d want to incorporate some sort of color to showcase the windows, but nothing too flashy and extreme.

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