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Sheer Madness

By: Ashley H.


On those hot summer nights when no matter how you try to cool down, the best remedy is grabbing a cold glass of lemonade and sitting out on your screened sun porch to enjoy the view. Traditionally, many people like the idea of blinds for the summer. The ability to control how much light comes in by tilting the slats appeals to many people. Serenity are a window treatment that takes a blind and mixes it with a sheer shade look to create a soft blind that allows light and air to flow through. Another sheer option that works great for summer time is sunweaves. They block out UV rays and create a sheer weave look on windows. Cascades are a new introduction to window treatments. They are very similar to Serenity, with a roller shade twist. No matter which three you choose, you can enjoy a very subtle and soft summer look on your windows.

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Great Gift Ideas

By: Gloria H

Valentines day is almost here and you still haven’t purchased that special someone a gift.  You can tell that they want something a little different this year, but they’re not coming right out and saying that.  Sure a box of choclates and a teddy bear are a sweet idea and will put a smile on any ones face, just one problem, thats what you got last year.  Time is ticking and you have no clue what to do, well that’s where I can help.  Creating a romantic bedroom setting with a Serenity shade is a sure way to say I love you.  Not only will this be an unexpected gift, but they will be thanking you for years to come.  Our Serenity shade gives you the best of both worlds by combining the tilting feature of a blind with the soft and elegant look and feel of a fabric shade.  The Serenity is avabile in soft neutral colors, and our most popular are powder and hazelnut.  With the range of neutral colors you are sure to find one that will work well for you.

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Bring the Softness of Shades to your Home

By: Ashley H

When you own or rent a home, the typical window treatment purchased are blinds. They are easily found off the shelf at many retail stores. These types of blinds are great by themselves or underneath valances, curtains, or even sheers. All in all, blinds are great because they give you the ease of controlling the light and they are great layering pieces. But instead of adding additional items to soften your rooms, you can easily place shades in your windows that already have a soft and elegant touch.

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Cascade Is A Great Sun Room Choice

By: Dominic023_cascade_white_016


If you have a sunroom that you are getting ready for summer with, the new serenity product, Cascade, is definitely an option worth looking into. Cascade has  four different color options and all of them are light filtering/sheer. With cascade you have the control of when you want privacy vs. when you want to have a sheer light filter.

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Sheer as a Serenity


By: AishaSS-215


We recently made a new addition to our home. The room added was a sunroom. This room overlooks the street, so privacy has now become an issue. I wanted something that would be able to filter through light when closed, give me privacy, but also control the amount of light throughout the day when opened. I did some research and found that wooden blinds were not for me and neither were the typical shades. The limitations with the blinds were they had to be open all the way or tilted to get light but when closed its would be completely dark. With the shades the issue was that if down it could filter light, but to have brighter light, I would have to open it up all the way and in turn lose the privacy I so desperately needed.

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Serenity Shades for My Sun Room

By: DominicSS-207

I have a small sun room on the west wing of my summer home that has a large picture window in it. The room gets a lot of sun which is something that I really like but it can be over bearing at times. The middle window is fixed and the two side ones open up and I wanted to put three separate window treatments over each window. The window had a large vertical with plastic slats hanging which looked horrible and was also broken and falling apart so I took it down. I did a little research online and found that I had far more options than I could imagine. I decided that I would need some professional help so I visited a custom blinds shop.

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Serenity… Not Just in the Name

By: Karen

I just finished my new living room. We actually closed in our back porch, and finished the room – so technically it is more of a living room/sunroom combination. It’s a very casual room that will be used for entertaining. We painted all of the walls a pale beige, and the trim around the windows a bright white. The couch and chairs are a canvas fabric in light beige tones, and the side tables and coffee tables have a distressed white painted finish. The only thing left to tackle is the windows.

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