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Inspiration Products Shades

Sun Room

By: Karen E.

catalina white

When summer comes along, so does decorating the sunroom.  Traditionally, bamboo is a popular option for sunrooms.  Usually, because sunrooms are often casual, and decorated with a lot of casual elements, often including wicker furniture.  The great thing about bamboo is there are a lot of options and customizations.

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Sunweave Shades to Protect Against Sun Damage

By: Dominic

I am a business owner who specializes in selling furniture. About a year ago I purchased my third showroom. It is large and has many windows. Since the windows are all quite large, they catch a lot of sun. The large amount of sun pouring through these vast windows is a problem of course, because I can not afford to have my products and displays fading from sun damage. That would not be good for my business!

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