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One Room At A Time: Bathroom Wrap Up

Being that a bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house, any change you make can make a pretty big statement. Most of the time, renovating the entire bathroom is not in the budget, but there are a lot of smaller changes you can make to the room without breaking the budget (and a great thing to keep in mind when you do renovations, the more neutral the palette, the longer you will get away with small updates). We’ve compiled a list of updates you can do – some smaller than others, just be sure to keep your budget in mind.
– Add open shelving. – Tall, skinny cabinets, can add a lot of storage space in the room without taking up too much floor space. You can use the majority of the shelves just for storage, or just keep it simple and fill them with decorative pieces that bring in some color and style to the room.
– Mirrors. – Use mirrors to your advantage when decorating any smaller space. Not only are mirrors convenient in the bathroom for the purposes of getting ready and admiring yourself, but they are great for making a room look more larger, open, and brighter.
– Decorative baskets. – Adding baskets to a bathroom space can allow you more room for storage, either dirty or clean. They can also be a great way to bring in color or texture, like a woven basket, or a patterned design that can add a pop of color to a neutral colored room. And you can easily find them in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on what size/space you have to work with.
– A fresh coat of paint. – Adding a fresh coat of paint can instantly give your room a makeover. Taking a dull outdated beige or green, to a new updated shade of gray will give you a new look without too much work. Aside from gray, nautical themes are popular right now so adding an accent wall of a bold blue or navy can really make a statement as well.
– Patterns. – The use of pattern has become popular again throughout the home, but especially in the bathroom. Don’t go overboard, but bring in some patterned wallpaper on an accent wall, the wall behind the vanity is always a great idea because your eye is generally drawn to that wall in a bathroom. If you want to make a statement (that is a little easier to change), bring in the pattern with a bold window treatment or shower curtain.

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Sunroom Makeover

By: KarenBTG137

After last summer, we decided it was time to get our sun room redone.  It was a project we had put off since we moved in, because it wasn’t a room that was used nearly as often as the other rooms in the house, or a room that was really a priority compared to all of the other projects that we had.  The way it was when we moved in (which is how it still is) was plain and boring.  It had beige walls, beige tile floor, and we had decorated with some beige furniture.  The only good thing about the room, the way it is now, is the huge open windows.

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Inspiration Interior Designers

My Living Room Makeover

By: Karen

I’ve lived in my house for about five years now. When I first moved in, I took care of all of the crucial things.  I painted the entire house – all the same cream color at the time, got furniture for some rooms – I didn’t have enough from the smaller house I had moved from, and updated the necessary things – like appliances and such that could not wait.  After taking care of all of the necessities, along with the down payment, I was out of cash, so I decided to survive as long as I could with some of the things I would have loved to change.

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One Shade, Many Styles

By: Dana

Think roman shades are confined to elegant dining rooms? Can you only envision draperies and curtains when you think of country inspired decor? Then you might need to rethink how blinds and shades can be used in decorating your home! Many different styles of shades can be re-imagined to complement several different decorating styles, allowing you to play with your rooms’ décor without investing in new window treatments each time!

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