Ready for Shades

Window shades are the “central air” of decorating. It’s a luxury that you don’t always need, but when you have some, that really WORK, you feel so lucky and fancy. I love curtains/drapes but they don’t work in every style of window or home (or maybe the furniture doesn’t allow them). Custom shades cost a ton […]

Benefits & Considerations to Slider Alternatives

It seems like so many people just don’t like vertical blinds ANYWHERE! Ok, I get it for windows, but for sliding glass doors, they are the most economical and easiest to maintain window treatment for these large openings. If you really have to have something other than vertical blinds for your door, all is not […]

“A Blind or Shade in Any Style”

By: Tiffany P. When looking to put the finishing touches on your home, window treatments are a great option to start with. But then I have one question for you, is your style contemporary or traditional?

Simple Elegance

By: Karen E. With springtime, comes redecorating, which brings a lot of people flipping through magazines, and watching design shows on TV.  One of the key terms this season seems to be “Simple Elegance.” After the first few people had come in stating that was the look they were going for, I decided to do some research […]

Pleated Petals

By: Tiffany H. The weather is changing and spring is finally here. While so much emphasis is out on refurbishing shrubs and planting flowers, lets redirect our attention to the inside, outside view of your gardens, your windows. Pleated shades offer a modern, semi-formal look to any room, and with our decorative floral patterns, it […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

By: Tiffany P. With the timeless old saying “April showers bring May flowers” being on Mother Nature’s to-do list, you may start to notice all of the plants starting to blossom and show off their bountiful bright beautiful colors.


By: Gloria I don’t know what it is about the month of February, but all I can think about is red.  Maybe it is all the love in the air or the fact that every time I turn around I see a red heart.  If you to are going crazy for red and want to […]

Who’s the Sweetest

By: Tiffany H Having a toss up between which of our more decorative products is going to wow your sweetheart this  Valentine’s Day? Well here are a few options that will both wow and dazzle your special loved one on Valentines Day.

Roman Love

By: Tiffany H Looking to spice up this Valentines day with something unique, other than the typical flowers and chocolates? What better way to tell your sweetheart you love them this year, than to romanticize your bedroom or living room with the color of love. Sateen lacquer, Roman shades in classic fold will dress up […]

Resolution: Roman Shades!

By: Meghan So 2013 is ending. Where did the year go? It zooms by and 2014 is coming, bringing with it hopes and possibilities. That Resolution list is getting longer and longer. And this year let’s add something that you can really scratch off your list! Time to redecorate your house. You don’t need to […]