By: Sai
Cellular shades and wood blinds are so similar and different at the same time! Here in the New England area they are both popular styles. The main reason why is that cellular shades and real wood blinds have very similar R-values. R-values are defined as the measure of the capacity of a material, such as insulation, to impede heat flow, with increasing values indicating a greater capacity.  This pretty much just means how much heat, cold or draft it absorb and stops from coming into your house. This means that they are both insulating which is great in this area. Here in New England we have the frozen tundra in the winter. OK maybe not that bad but it can get really cold in the area, and I sure don’t like it!  Then when the spring and summer rolls around, the temperature rises like it is no tomorrow.  It can get really hot, upwards of ninety degrees. That is why the insulation of these two types products are helpful, because they keep the inside warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer that is impressive.

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