The Lure of Allure

By Gina G.

Sliding glass doors and large windows are wonderful additions to any home.  They allow us beautiful natural light and outside scenery, and when weather appropriate, a nice breeze.  However, when we need privacy and light control, they can cause a dilemma on how to cover them.  Sure, you have your usual suspect in verticals.  Verticals are the classic solution to covering large windows and slider doors.  As they are the “go to” option, you have a choice between fabric or vinyl material accompanied by a host of other options such as style, valances, and opening types.  And although some may consider them dated, due the variety of style options, vertical blinds are still viable.  However, what if you want something different, something new?

There are some other options.  You could opt for panel tracks which are large panels of fabric that slide back and forth.  Unlike verticals that have a number of slats and can be challenging with pets and kids, panels are a bit more durable.  They present a great alternative to verticals and are offered in a variety of fabric choices including natural materials like bamboo.  Unfortunately, they do not tilt like verticals do and therefore decrease you ability to control the light and privacy in your room.  And, while they are a worthy alternative to verticals, some consider them bulky. They also can block a good portion of your view when stacked together.
If neither verticals nor panel tracks strike your fancy, you might’ve been left with choosing a large shade or curtains to cover your sliding door or large window.  Fortunately for you, there is another newer alternative, the Allure. 

The lure of the Allure is that it combines the benefits of the aforementioned treatments and offers a modern, soft, and beautiful option for larger windows and doors.  Like verticals, they maintain your tilt ability with soft curtain-like panels (no more noise from vinyl slats).  And, although they do have panels, unlike panel tracks, they are much smaller (more similar to the width of a vertical vane).  In addition to their small panel sizes, the Allure is offered with opening options (even center opening to resemble that of a curtain) and a valance to complete the look.  You can also use the Allure to accompany the sheer shades that cover your smaller windows.  So, while verticals are classics and panels are good options, the Allure with its combining of the softness of shades and curtains with the function of blinds, is certainly worth considering!

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Going to a Beach House without Woven Wood Shades is like going to the Beach without SunTan Lotion!

By Darius Johnson

In the blind world, natural materials have risen to become more popular in recent years, and Woven Wood shades are right in the midst of popularity. These naturally woven shades will give the inside of your home a natural and clean outdoor look, adding character that it makes buying them a very easy decision. 

Another great mention about woven shades is that they are made from natural materials, causing them to have a rich look. Furthermore woven shades are eco-friendly, so not only is it a great option for window treatments due to the natural look of them but it helps the environment as well. 

Woven wood shades are a perfect fit for any room of the house given that they have a multitude of options. These shades have the ability to have liners added to the back to make them light filtering but gain privacy or a blackout liner for those mornings that you just feel like sleeping in!  Woven Wood shades also have a variety of valance sizes, styles and colors to choose from so you can always find the perfect shade to match your style!

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No Money? No Problem! Here’s How to Decorate on a Budget!

Need new blinds but you’re on a budget? Don’t worry everything that looks nice does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. They’re some options that will make your home look like you just spent a million bucks. Whether you’re looking to purchase blinds and shades to simply eliminate outside light or your looking for window treatment that will complement your home décor, there’s a good chance you have a strict budget for this purchase. While most blinds and shades are relatively inexpensive, the cost of outfitting an entire home or several rooms with new window coverings can add up.  No matter what room you install them wood blinds always convey elegance and classic charm. They’re also highly versatile from a décor standpoint as they effortlessly complement almost any type of furniture, decorative color scheme, and window type. Wood blinds are among the best-selling window coverings due to their affordable price and their natural wood grain beauty.  In addition to the wood blinds they are highly effective at insulating your home during winter and summer.

Aluminum blinds are among the most commonly used window coverings in the world and for good reasons. They’re efficient at blocking out light and very affordable. 1-inch aluminum blinds feature a low profile, and available in many colors. Cellular shades would be a little step up in price, but it would make up for the cost in your energy bill. For insulation and energy efficiency cellular shades with their little pockets of cells keep your temperature serene. All those little pockets trap air and keep the summer and the warmth in during the winter. They are available in every color, they are ideal fit for most rooms and have many options that make them great for families with children.  If you have large windows or sliding doors you can’t beat vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are a much better fit as they are easily to open and closed and can cover even the widest window or doors. They are one of most inexpensive blinds to replace even if one slat brakes. The good news is that you don’t have to buy everything all over; just only the one or two slats that are broken.

The great thing about buying the simplest blinds or shades is that they can go with any décor that you decide to do.  Once you make this one-time investment in buying your blinds they are going to last for years just if you take good care of them. Remember you may have a beer budget but a champagne taste you are the only one who knows what you spent on blinds or shades. It is no need to go that expensive, just keep it simple.

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Let’s Talk MorView

Can you imagine a window treatment that could blend and enhance any décor, provide an amazing insulation value, is child and pet safe, plus will improve the value of your home? That perfect window treatment happens to be interior shutters. Shutters are one of the top window treatment products on the market today. Clean and elegant, these louvered shutters not look amazing in the home, they also provide privacy, lower energy bills and protect your belongings from fading from the sun. More and more homeowners are choosing to add shutters to their home and with a multitude of customization options, who can blame them!

First off, the basics if you’re unfamiliar with morview shutters here’s what you need to know. Morview shutters are window treatments that are permanently installed on your windows. Traditionally white louvers that open and close to control how much of the outside world you let into your space. You can pick between a 2 ½ inch louver to let less light in and provide a busier look when they are closed, since they are smaller and there are more of them. Whereas the 3 ½ options let more light in when opened. Some companies have a tilt rod which is a vertical bar that runs down the center of the shutter and this device operates the louvers. Morview shutters introduces the tilt bar behind the panel doors so they are not exposed to the inside view of the room. This new design gives you the advantage of seeing the total view of the outside. There are also framing options when it comes to your shutters. Some homeowners choose a standard frame which is called a shaker, while others nay choose a more decorative frame which is called traditional to match the space.

If you have grand proportion room and a big window to go with it, make the window a focal point. Shutters are the number one choice for style and practically. Unlike fabric window dressings like curtains, they’re easy to maintain, suitable for kitchens, dining areas, living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. White shutters are a classic color for a timelessly stylish look. Shutters are an excellent choice when personalizing and enhancing your home, giving you more time to sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Selecting New Window Coverings

Summer has come to an end and I am enjoying my morning coffee next to my big window. I can see my neighbor in his yard. This past summer I wasn’t able to see him, but as the trees kept losing their leaves, I have a perfect view of his house. He waves at me and I wave back at him with a slight discomfort. I wasn’t aware that he had such a good view of the inside my house! As I look at the falling leaves on this frosty autumn morning, I realize that it is time for me to cover my windows as well as redecorate my room in beautiful, warm fall colors. I would really like to have some new shutters to accentuate the classical style of my home and it would most likely make my neighbor jealous!

However, shutters must be pretty hard to find, complicated to install and pretty pricey. Well, not at all! With the wonderful help of the advisor at Blinds To Go and the qualified skills that their installer possesses, they took care of everything! Fall is finally here, my windows are decorated to my liking, I close the shutters halfway through so I cannot see my neighbor anymore. I get myself cozy on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and I enjoy my new shutters.

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Natural Roller Shades

Bamboo shades and/or Woven Wood shades have always gotten all the attention; touted as the best choices for eco-friendly homeowners looking for organic blinds. Everyone loves a beautiful bamboo shade, but we’ve noticed a measurable increase in people sampling and buying Natural Roller Shades. All signs now point to a prediction of these shades becoming a hot design item.

Natural Roller Shades have flown under the radar for quite some time now; really only being purchased by those in the know about window treatments. I’m here today to let you in on this gem of a product, and give you a first look at how these are a different and exciting addition to the genre.

First off, they’re light filtering; meaning they won’t completely prevent light from coming in, but they will block heat and give you a little privacy. Similar to Woven Wood shades, they’re available in numerous styles and natural materials, but don’t fold up like woven woods do; they roll up like roller shades, virtually disappearing when raised. I see these as the perfect compliment to sleek, modern decor. Natural touches like reeds, bamboo, grasses, sisal, and rattan are totally chic right now, and these shades are so cost effective, you’ll be able to easily replace them, should you ever want to (you won’t!)

I love the idea of using these in a sleek, city loft, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. If you live in a bustling city, invoking nature in your space is a great way to calm down at the end of a hectic day. Lower your natural roller shades and decompress. Don’t we all need that every now and then?

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To Have A Window Treatment, Or Not: That Is The Question

While decorating a home, sometimes you find you find yourself in the predicament of deciding whether to treat the windows with window coverings or to leave them plain. More often, window treatments are a needed for privacy, light control, or sometimes both. The need for privacy is most common, especially in our bedrooms and bathrooms. Light control can be desired in bedrooms and for rooms with television viewing, but it may also be necessary for spaces where direct sunlight can do damage. Harsh sunlight can cause fading and damage to interior furnishings, and that can be very costly to homeowners. In the case where window coverings are not needed at all, many homeowners still elect to decorate with window treatments for aesthetic reasons because they are the perfect interior accent. Window coverings can impact positively on the overall look of a room.

For example, in my case, the back of our home is totally private, so we really don’t need any window coverings in the family room, kitchen or mud room. My husband likes the clean lines and architectural look of our moldings and wants to keep the windows plain. For me, I much prefer the warm look of fabric, and the texture and color we could add with even simple drapery panels or mock roman shades. Well, it has been six years since we have renovated and those windows are still bare. I have yet to tackle this window treatment dilemma, as I have had other more pressing projects. It could be a battle with hubby, but I am ready to take it on.

Here are the questions to consider when deciding if you should dress your windows.

Out of Necessity:

Do I need privacy?

Is the sun glaring in, will furnishings fade? Do I need light control?

Is it drafty? Will insulating fabrics help keep drafts out and reduce heat loss?

Aesthetic Reasons:

Will window treatments compliment and perhaps update existing decor?

Is the room too bare or does it lack warmth?

Do I want to change the look seasonally?

I hope this gets you to think about your own window treatment needs!

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How to Sleep Better at Night: Cellular Shade Edition

The basis of good health starts with good food, exercise and restful sleep. While a blind or shade can’t cook you dinner or work out with you, it may be able to help you get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s the early morning sun or outside artificial lighting, light can interfere with our sleep and effect our wellbeing. Cellular shades are a great help in this matter; so here are some options to help keep your bedroom dark.
Your first option would be a light filtering cellular shade. These shades are your typical cellular shade you find most places; light, airy and filters the light from the outside… (hence, light filtering!) These shades will block minimal light and help to defuse bright lights such as street lights or billboard signs. Sometimes with these shades, if you chose a darker color (no neutrals) then it will transform into more of a room darkening shade instead; giving you much more light blocking ability.
If you want or need even more light blocked best option would be blackout cellular shades. These shades are made with a light blocking material inside of the “honeycomb” part of the cellular shade which does not allow any light to pass through. On most windows, the only light that will show through will be the light gaps along the outside of edges of the shade/window. A fun tip though: to eliminate even that light, you can put drapery panels on either side of the window and then establish complete darkness! Now you won’t know if it is day or night!
Cellular shades also come in a variety of colors and options such as cordless or  top-down/bottom-up which will allow you to operate the shade 2 separate ways. Of course there are many other options for black out shades available, but cellular shades are usually a less expensive option as well as an energy efficient option; how can you beat that?!
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French Door Dilemmas

French Door Dilemmas

A lot of homes pose the design challenge of french doors. While most people love the look of the doors in a room, when it comes time to get some privacy, there is always a challenge of what to do.  Being that the doors are usually a decorative element on their own, most people don’t want a treatment that is going to take away from the overall look.

Luckily, there are a lot of different solutions.  The easiest, and often the most common is a simple curtain that is attached directly to the door. There are small rods that can be attached at the top and bottom of the glass panel, and curtains available with that will just slide onto these rods.  There are a variety of fabrics so you can get something as sheer or as private as you would like.

Another solution is to get curtains that you can mount on a rod outside of the doors.  You would mount the rod for these above the frame work of the french doors, and mount two curtain panels.  This gives you the flexibility to slide the curtains closed for privacy, or leave them completely open and not obstruct the view of the doors at all.   This option gives you even more flexibility of colors and styles, being that curtain panels are very popular and available at a wide variety of stores.

The last solution is blinds or shades.  Suprising to many, all blinds and shades can be mounted directly onto the door, typically considered an outside mount. With these options, you can go with a decorative style shade, available with many textures and styles – the benefit of a shade over a blind is that they are very compact and can close up tightly and neatly when you want it to disappear.  Blinds on the other hand are a great option because you can leave them all the way down, and just tilt the slats open and closed when you need privacy.  They are available in a few different materials as well, so you can either match to your doors, or bring in a pop of color.  With these options, most can be attached at the bottom of the door as well, as to limit the amount of banging when the doors are opened and closed.

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Cellular, Cellular, Cellular

Cellular, Cellular, Cellular
 This is Probably just an opinion, but cellulars are the best! Cellular, honeycomb, accordion: whatever you want to call them, they are the best insulators. Regardless of the decor, cellular shades can offer it. You have the potion to customize each room and treat them with their own unique color, or design. You can mix and match between light filtering or blackout, and still from the outside of your home each and every room will look uniform. Cellulars have a white back no matter what. With cellulars you can choose the option between standard with a cord or you can do cordless. There is also a function called top down-bottom up. This allows you to lower the shade from the top, head rail, while still having your privacy from the bottom half of the window. This function is offered either with or without a cord. The larger the pleat the more insulating. The shade that Blinds To Go offers can come as wide as a 3/4 pleat. This helps regulate the light filtering material 5-9% where the
blackout 3/4 pleat regulate around 7-10%. It all depends on your windows, heating company, and location. People often get confused and think getting a double-cell is more insulation but it isn’t. a double cell is two rows of cells instead of just getting one row of cells. A double cell shade actually reverses the insulation factor. a two rows of cells add an extra air pocket, allowing the air to flow in both directions. The object of the cells is to trap the air. You just have to be careful with the material in the bathrooms or over the kitchen sink, due to the insulation, it can trap the moisture and it can potentially mold over time. other than that con. cellular shades are the greatest. the most versatile shade. the most color options and function options.
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