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It’s Really Spring

By: Gloria H.


Being located in New England it is still hard for me to believe that spring is here.  I still warm my car up in the morning before work and I still have a bit of spring cleaning left to do.  So if you are like me and just can’t believe that it is really springtime then I have a few tips that can help you visualize spring by adding a new window treatment to your home.

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It Doesn’t Matter Whose Wrong or Right, Just pleat it!

By: AishaBTG127


Pleated shades are an age-old favorite of mine. While they can be casual, they can also be sophisticated depending on which material you decide to purchase them in. Pleated shades are also one of the more decorative products out there and come in an assorted array of colors and patterns.  Typically, they are used as more of a decoration than anything else, but they do provide a small amount of insulation. However, they do have the ability to come in light filtering or blackout. Another option that is available is the top down bottom up feature. With this option, shades can not only rise from the bottom but also lower from the top, allowing for privacy and a view at the same time.

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