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One of the big styles in 2018 is pattern. Big, bold and colorful patterns. The problem a lot of people run into is how to use the pattern, and how much is too much. These patterns are so bold that it’s easy to overdo a good thing. To make it a little easier, we have broken down a typical house – room by room – and made a list of suggestions on how to introduce these fun new patterns!

  • Bedroom: Change up your bedding! The bedding is the number one statement you can make in any bedroom since the bed is almost always the focal point. It is also an easy enough thing to change up every season, once a year, or whenever the mood strikes.
  • Kitchen: Use your kitchen towels! It may seem like a small change, but generally the kitchen is one of the more “cluttered” room in your home – so you don’t want to add to the congestion – but a bright red and orange towel set will surely stand out amongst your gray or neutral palette.
  • Living Room: Add some side panels. Side panels are a good way in any room to introduce some color. The living room is a great space to change these because the windows tend to be less crowded than in some other rooms – and again it is usually a space with a more neutral palette that can handle a pop of color.
  • Bathroom: Go bold and change your shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy to change out and tend to be relatively inexpensive – so a great room to introduce that chevron pattern you have been eyeing in the store.
  • Dining Room: Grab a table runner or some placemats. The dining room tends to lack in pattern in general, so dressing up the table everyone is going to be gathered around is always a great way to change the room up – and it’s also a inexpensive update.

Most of these suggestions can be used in multiple places in the home, just keep in mind less is always more! It is always a good idea to have one big statement in every room in the house, and not to overdo one room with too many strong statements. Happy decorating!!

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Window Treatments 2018

It’s hard to believe trends can change so drastically from one year to another. Of course, there are go to styles which will never go out of style; but 2018 has brought some new, fun trends to the window treatment industry – maybe it’s your year to upgrade?

  • Bold patterns. Within the last few years, pattern has slowly been reintroduced to window treatments. This is compared to the 2000’s where the rule of thumb was neutral is better. Most of the bold patterns you can find now are available in Roller Shades. This provides a statement piece while remaining a modern, streamlined look in your window. They are also available in Roman Shades, which tend to appear slightly more traditional while the patterns provide them with a modern twist.
  • Natural materials. This is a trend that has held true over the last few years. Bringing in natural materials and fibers that make your rooms feel more tropical. There are a lot more roller shades that have been introduced in these materials which allows a more modern twist on the style. You can also stick with the natural bamboo shades which bring in actual reeds and shoots of bamboo and bring a feeling of warmth to any room.
  • Sheer materials. While the style of Serenity (two layers of sheers with a fabric blind in the middle) are still around, they have come a long way. These beautiful shades are produced in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns now! There are also Cascade shades which operate more like a roller shade. These have expanded into a wide variety of natural patterns and colors. Even better, there is now a vertical version which is two layers of sheers with a solid in the middle that can be adjusted for privacy.
  • Adding dimension. As we mentioned, pattern has become extremely popular this year in the decorating industry. Adding decorative drapes over your blinds or shades is becoming increasingly popular as well. Not only does it allow you to bring in more texture, but it makes a statement in your overall room décor too.

These are just a few of the styles that are standing out in 2018 – not to mention the add-ons that have become easily accessible to the average homeowner – cordless and motorized. Hope this gets you thinking about your own windows!

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Bringing Patterns Back

2017 has brought back an old trend, but it comes with a very new look. Twenty to thirty years ago, patterns were everywhere. Not only on your walls, your curtains, your bedding, even your carpet had bold, vibrant patterns. Many of which were different floral prints, some paisleys, even plaids were popular, but each had one thing in common, a lot of color. As the trends began to pull décor away from patterns, wallpaper became a thing of the past, and “clean lines” with a modern feel became all of the rage in decorating.

Well, here we are in 2017, and once again an old style is coming full circle. We begin to see hints of pattern appearing over the last few years, this years trend appears to have pattern back in full force. There are some differences of course from what some may call your “grandmother’s” style. The major difference, is the patterns, while bold, tend to have fewer colors. You may have a white background with a bold chevron print in a single color, or a blue background with a green paisley, or even a navy background with a white nautical print. Also, it is more common to stay away from mixing the patterns, sticking to either a patterned area rug, or a patterned chair, but perhaps not both in the same room.

The great thing about this style is it is easy to make a big impact on the design of the room, with one or two accent pieces. Window coverings are often a great way to make a statement being that they are illuminated during the day when the sunlight shines through, and your eye is drawn to them. If you are going for a simple look, shades are now available in bold patterns. Both roman shades and roller shades now come in a wide variety of patterns, and range from the neutral tones – the beiges and the grays, to the bolder – royal blues, oranges, and fuchsia. The simplicity of a roller shade allows you to bring in a pop of color without being too decorative, and on the other hand, a roman shade would provide a statement piece for the windows, really drawing attention.

If you are a little hesitant to jump right into hard window treatments, pairing your neutral blinds or shades with a bold curtain or drape can allow you a little more flexibility to change colors. With curtains, there is a huge variety, ranging again in patterns, lengths, and designs that you can find to fit any room or window. At the end of the day, just remember, 2017 is a new year and a good opportunity to add some patterns into your rooms to see what fits your style the best.

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Spring Decor

Spring Decor

Time to brighten up your décor! Spring is finally here, the snow is gone, and it’s time to bring the bright colors and sunshine back into your house!!

You can officially take down all of the heavy drapery, and all of the other “keep warm” solutions you had hung on your windows. If you feel like bringing in some color, grab some fun patterned or printed curtain panels – that just hang stationary on the sides of the windows – and don’t block out the view. The trend for 2016 is pattern – floral patterns are extremely popular, and bright bold colors.

Also time to put away all of the heavy blankets, from the beds and in the living areas. Put them away for the spring/summer, and take out the lighter weight ones. If you need new ones, make sure to grab colorful, light weight designs – that serve more as decoration than warmth. It is always a good time of year to grab some new throw pillows – this is an easy way to bring in the trend of the year without making a big investment in the décor.

Try to bring the outside inside. Not just through colorful patterns, but bring in some flowers or plants. Take inventory of the plants you have left from last year – if they are just barely hanging on – bring the old ones outside – sometimes they come back to life when they are outside. Ask at the store – some variety of plants are far less maintenance than others – don’t get anything that will require too much upkeep! It’s also a great time of year to pick up some flowers and fill the vases that sat empty all winter.

It’s always amazing how small changes can make a huge impact at this time of the year. And my favorite part of spring is it’s all about color! You’ll see it when you are shopping for new spring clothes, so why now dress up your house while you are at it!!

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Heat’s Here

Heat’s Here

Around this time of year we get a lot of customers coming in realizing how much light and heat is coming in through their windows.  The sun is pleasant during the other three months, until you realize how much harder your air conditioner is working, and how much higher your first electricity bill comes in. The good thing is, there are a lot of options that can help you to insulate the windows while allowing the sun (we waited a long winter for the sun this year).

While any treatment you add to your window will help to cut down some of the sunlight, and keep out the intense glare, there is one option that is superior to all of the others – cellular shades.  Reason being, is they are specifically designed to insulate your windows! The cellular shades are made of a polyester material, and is two layers of material bonded together to form a pocket of air.  They are often referred to as “honeycomb” shades because the structure looks like a honeycomb if you look at it from the side.  Because of the structure the pocket of air serves as a barrier for the hot and cold air – which helps significantly with the air conditioning bills (it won’t hurt in the winter with the heating bills either).

The other great thing about cellular shades is that they come in a ton of colors and styles – they can be light filtering for your common rooms – or blackout for your bedrooms.  They also come in a few patterns and textures if there is an area of the house you are looking to dress up a little more formally.  The shades can be ordered with many options as well depending on your needs.  You can order it cordless for easier use and child safety, it can be order with a top down bottom up feature – that allows you to cover the bottom half of your window for privacy but still let in the natural light, and with a continuous cord loop that makes large windows easier to open and close.

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Breakfast in a Flower House

By: Ashley H.

vinyl vertical and 2 horizontal

The traditional place to eat in any house used to be the dining room, but with the dynamic of family and time changing with the pace of society, this is not the norm anymore. There are many people that use their kitchen or their breakfast nook area. The concept of a breakfast nook is very similar to an enclosed porch. This room usually sits off the kitchen area and has big open windows so that you can enjoy sunlight and an outside garden view. With spring upon us already, and summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to spruce up your breakfast nook area and give it a floral makeover.

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Tis the Season to make this House a Home

By: Meghan


Fall- the air is as crisp as granny smith apples. The leaves have changed from green to gold, to russet, to pumpkin orange. We are bundling up, drinking hot cider, and some homes have that tell tale silver smoke coming from chimneys. We are warming our homes, our hearts are full, and soon our bellies will match. Loved ones will be flocking like geese soon to our homes- and oh no! Our tables are set with our finest china, with Autumn colored runners- in rich browns, greens, reds, yellows- we have our best silver- but our windows! So long basic vinyl and aluminum, items that we bought ions ago to cover windows, items that came with the house, things to put on windows, but things that don’t have our touch, our signature! We need items to turn this house into a home!

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