Pastels: Not Just For Easter

By: Ashley Most people think of Easter or springtime when they think of pastels. Who wants to decorate their home all year round in these colors? Or they think of a newborn nursery in light pink or blue, but not a whole house. I’ll tell you why you may want to consider using more pastels […]

How To Transform A Kitchen With Color

By: Brenna When giving a kitchen a simple face lift, an easy and budget friendly way would be to switch out your window treatments. The style and color of the blinds or shades can really affect how the room looks as well as the light exposure from the sun.Since most cabinets and counter tops are […]

Neutrals, a great option?

By: Carrie If you’ve ever walked through the paint section of a home improvement store and flipped through some of their idea books, you may have been a bit taken aback by some of the bold options they display. Or perhaps you were intrigued but not sure you would like something so drastic in your […]