Designing with the Five Senses : Touch

By Lauren C.

To end this 5 part series, we figured we would end on an easy note. The sense of somatosensation, touch, is one not often thought about when it comes to home decor. However, with the right textures you can create different environments all over your home. Textures can invoke desired feelings or actions. Adopting textiles and carrying it throughout a home, room by room, creates a grounded and rounded world of design. 

Plush carpeting and fuzzy blankets make a room cozy and inviting. Stone, lucite, and glass can appear really clean and sterile, yet also have an organic feel to it as well. Cold, hard surfaces like stone and wood can create a heavy or weighted look, which is why when you add in greenery it helps to counterbalance and soften the space. Woven materials create a rugged and antiquated environment. We highly recommend mixing textures in a room to draw a person in. 

Decorate so people want to touch something in your home. Give them that overwhelming desire to feel based on looks. Even if your guest don’t reach out, their eyes will and it can create a memorable bond or strike up a conversation. 

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Ultra Violet

Every year, Pantone picks a new color of the year and you will see it blended into fashion and décor without ever knowing. This year’s color Ultra Violet is a bold shade of purple described by them as, “Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” This color will be a perfect color to add a bit of drama and flare in different rooms.

Last year’s color Greenery was used in situations such as a bold, solid fabric for a couch or even in dramatic roman shades. We believe that this year’s color will be a great color to add a splash of in any room and can be used in many different ways to bring out its full potential. Let us know if you think of any others that we missed.

Centerpiece: a centerpiece on a table could benefit greatly from have an deep rich color of Ultra Violet, an easy way to add this would be with an Orchid or large bouquet arrangement highlighting this magnificent hue.

Wall:  talk about an accent wall! If you just love the color and want to make a statement in any room whether its a living room or bathroom, Ultra Violet could make an impact statement by painting one full wall and drawing attention to it when you walk in.

Pillows: Furniture lasts a long time so if you want to dial it back a bit you may consider using a mix of throw pillows in order to add Ultra Violet along with other complimentary colors into a rooms décor.

Window Treatments: Ultra Violet is a great color to add originality to a room and what better way to do that then splashing it in a pattern for your shades roman or roller and even drape or curtains. This would add a little accent in order to pull a whole room together and completing a theme.

Flowers: Like we mentioned earlier, most Orchids tend to have a shade of Ultra Violet but plenty of other flowers can be used in your décor to add a splash of color and it’s always nice to add some organic decor into a space.

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