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Layering Old and New

It’s always the smaller details that bring comfort and coziness into your home. Whether it’s a soft, patterned pillow against your solid color sofa or a handpicked chandelier over your tabletop; the smaller touches add more of you to a space than the bigger ones.

However, sometimes it can be overwhelming decorating a place. Your first goal is always to get the bigger items, such as a rug,  sofa, or an accent table. But once you get those items in place, you realize you need more to add and finish up the space. And most of the time, you’re over budget. So what can you do to reduce this feeling?

If you’re renovating or remodeling a room, keep in mind that you do not need to throw everything away and start from scratch. It may be best to get rid of that beat up loveseat and get a new one but you do not need to throw out your existing accessories and accents if they’re in good condition. Don’t throw away that basket you keep your snacks in. Don’t throw away the tray you keep your magazines and remotes on. Reuse those items back into your newly decorated space. And don’t be afraid of layering them with other existing items you may have or new ones you’ve picked up. Layer your existing tray with new accent colored candles that fit the new space. Put some colorful potpourri in that old but still in good condition basket and leave it on a side table. Keep that painting you have and reframe it with a metallic paint finish or a color accent that complements your space. Spray paint your existing vase to fit the new décor and put in some fresh flowers.

And when you’re done integrating the new and the old, you will realize the space will feel much cozier, much more you in it than buying everything new.

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Spring is Here!

Spring is here, and hopefully where you live that means the gray snowy weather is in the rear-view mirror. If you happen to live in New England, you may need a little more patience this year! But, like any year, spring is the time for new beginnings, which in the world of home décor, means fresh starts, freshening up, and brightening up.

In terms of colors, bright and bold. Think along the lines of pastels, but with a little more punch to them. A bright lilac, a strong coral, even a bold peach. These colors should be used as the basis of your decorating – from any walls that need to be repainted, to accent pieces that need to be added into your space. They are great because they have warmth to them but are bright enough to make your space look bigger and more spacious. Geometric patterns are also popular in 2018 which are great to add in with any soft treatments. Gold accents are also continuing to carry over from winter 2018 as a mix with the new spring colors.

It’s time to put away all the heavy blankets and take off the heavy window treatments. Trade out the heavy blankets with some bright colorful throws, this year introducing bold colors, and floral patterns. Replace the heavy drapes with airy light curtains. This year stick with bright neutrals – sands, beiges, and whites, in light fabrics like linens.

While doing your spring cleaning, keep in mind, the less clutter the more relaxing the space. Maybe that means taking the extra step to add some organization. Some magazine holders in your living room. A filing cabinet in your office. More clothing storage/organization in your bedroom. Some additional shelving in your bathroom. Taking these steps will help to lighten up the feel of your room but adding the additional organization will make it something you can maintain moving forward as well. (Added bonus: you can use these as the pieces that bring in the new colors of the season).

And of course, the style that never gets old in the Spring, bring in some greens! Adding foliage to any room, whether it be green plants that you can keep for a long time or bringing colorful flowers in from your gardens will instantly warm the room, and make it feel like spring. Happy decorating!!

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