Neutral, Not Boring

By: Ashley Neutral is such a broad color category. You have whites, grays, blacks, browns, beiges, tans, creams… These colors are anything but boring; you just have to utilize them correctly. You need depth and variety in your neutral colors. Neutrals do go with everything, but not all neutrals go with each other. You have […]

Neutrals, a great option?

By: Carrie If you’ve ever walked through the paint section of a home improvement store and flipped through some of their idea books, you may have been a bit taken aback by some of the bold options they display. Or perhaps you were intrigued but not sure you would like something so drastic in your […]

Economical For A First Home

By: Brenna Soon after purchasing our first home, my fiance and I went on the hunt for window coverings. We live in a somewhat busy, congested area, so privacy was our main issue. We did have a budget because the house needed a lot of work, but we were willing to adjust it a little […]

Little Girls Room Renovation

By: Brenna For my daughter’s tenth birthday I told her I would redo her childish bedroom. The plan is to redecorate it in a way which she can grow with it and not have to change throughout her teenage years. Needless to say, we are staying away from the bright pinks that encompass her room […]

Same or Different?

By: Karen I just moved into a new house.  I am not the best decorator in the world, I usually change little things in a room and call it “redecorating,” but as I am now faced with an entire house, I have a bigger problem on my hands.  My current dilemma is, does everything have […]