It’s No Magic Show, But It Works Like Magic!

By Darius J.

The magic of motorization is the key solution to many families around the world, with just a push of a button sit back and watch the magic happen. Most customers use motorization blinds or shades when having hard to reach windows, or if they are getting multiple window treatments. If you can imagine having multiple windows rising and lowering at once then you should consider motorize blinds or shades. 

The convenience of motorization is outstanding making it a great option for every house hole. For instance, if you work long hours, or if your daily routine is clustered the last thing you want to do is to hassle with cords. Not to distinguish what was presented but the motorize option also works well with elderly and disabled individuals. When dealing with pain or disabilities the last thing you want to deal with is hassling with blinds. It is very easy to manage when it comes to motorization, for example, elderly as well as disabled persons are able to adjust the window treatments throughout their home with a push of a button, and without any stress or worry regarding safety, perfect right! Also there’s no need to have the angry emoji face due to your children manually adjusting; along with unknowingly ruining your new blinds or shades. Differing from what was previously stated, the growing epidemic of child deaths due to the misuse of operating blinds are a strong concern; as a result motorizing blinds and or shades has developed a positive reinforcement of safety.

Customers come to realize that just a push of a button will solve all of their blind problems; coupled with never again needing blinds with dangling cords: or blinds that you cannot pull up without one side being crocked. In the long run, just having that motorize remote at your exposure will release tension and chaos from your busy life.  

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Modernize Cordless with Motorized

Motorized Cascade, girl controing window shade via remote.

By Gina G.

As the window treatment industry evolves, cordless mechanisms have become integral and not just viewed as additional features to blinds and shades.  Cordless blinds and shades have become the main request for most people shopping for window treatments.  This is due to the various benefits opting for cordless brings.  First, cordless options, with no visible strings dangling, provides a clean look; there are no visual obstructions to your window treatment.  Second, going cordless provides the operator with ease of use as the mechanisms are typically very simple and smooth.  Additionally, for most parents and caregivers, it is a “no-brainer” when it comes to child safety and durability.  As a durable mechanism, cordless uses internalized stringing and therefore doesn’t have exposed cords that fray and may break sooner.

The prevalence of cordless is now for all window treatments whether you’re considering blinds or shades.  With lighter weight mini blinds, cordless also includes wandless option where both functions (tilting and lifting) are performed together.  On heavier blinds, the tilting mechanism is still present (usually a wand) but the lift which was traditionally corded, is now cordless.

With this huge swing toward cordless mechanisms brings the emergence of an even more modern mechanism, motorization.  Motorization maintains all of the aforementioned benefits of cordless but now automates those functions.  It allows users to control the window treatments with a remote from anywhere in the room or from a wall unit (similar to a light switch).  Powering motorized blinds and shades also offers choices.  Most commonly, motorized is offered with a rechargeable battery system.  It is easy to think of this as similar to how you charge your cell phone.  And, with most newer homes having outlets near the windows, rechargeable battery powered treatments suffice.  However, if recharging every year or so is not appealing, hard-wiring shades to the home’s electricity is another (perhaps more costly and time consuming) option.  Regardless of how motorization is added, the trend certainly progresses the cordless movement toward technology-driven culture of the modern day.

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Motorized Cascade, girl controing window shade via remote. Inspiration Products Tips and Advice

You Control It!

The window treatment industry strives to stay on the cutting edge by constantly refreshing selections and offering customers with the latest and greatest of blinds or shades. One of the newest and coolest product lines is the Motorization! In addition to being extremely versatile and easy to operate, these selections also feature a beautiful and traditional design, making them ideal for just about any room in your home.

Easy Operation

Although we test the control options for all our shades, including standard nylon cords, chains, continuous cord loops, and cordless options, to be as easy and intuitive as possible, we know that some homeowners prefer an even simpler method of raising and lowering their window treatments. Motorized shades are the easiest to control of all, as the simple touch of a button on their remote raises or lowers them effortlessly to the desired height.

Perfect for hard to reach windows

Got windows that are hard to reach, but still want to cover them with shades? If so, motorized shades are the ideal solution. No more stretching or even climbing on furniture or ladders to adjust your window treatments. With motorized shades, you can set them to the perfect length without putting your furniture or yourself at risk by climbing to reach cords, chains, or bottom rails.

Control up to 15 shades with a single remote

With our motorized shades, you won’t have to worry about jugging multiple remotes and forgetting which one controls certain shades in your home. All our motorized shades ship with a remote that can be configured to control up to 15 shades. That means you can quickly and easily control the shades in a large room or throughout your entire home with a single remote control.

No need for electrical outlets

We know that many homeowners are concerned about the appearance of unsightly cords and cables snaking along their walls to power their motorized shades. However, our window treatments are operated with a lithium battery power pack, eliminating the need for messy cables, extension cords, or outlets directly underneath your windows. The included batteries are designed to be long-lasting, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them until after many hours of usage.

Available in a wide variety of styles

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to window treatments—including specialty items like our motorized shades. That’s why we offer light filtering cellular shades, exotic solar shades, shades with five percent openness, and shades that block 99 percent of the sun’s light and harmful UV rays.

Huge variety of colors

Getting the right color for your window treatments is an important part of the decorating process. You need a color, texture, or pattern that complements your home’s style. And with our line of motorized shades, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect look to match your furniture, wall colors, and décor.

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Cellular Shades in a bedroom Products Shades

Cellulars 101

Honey comb shades, also known as cellular shades, are a very popular window covering across the country. You’ve probably heard about them at this point but if you haven’t or maybe just want to know a little bit more, this is the place to learn all there is to know about them.
This type of shade is constructed with “honey comb” shaped cells which consist of a single or double layered design. This unique design is made to trap air in between the layers of fabric to provide excellent insulation properties. This intricate design allows you to provide your home with a high level of energy efficiency. This of course means that these shades can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on your electric bills. Due to the construction of these shades, if you live near a busy highway or have noisy neighbors, cellular shades may help to deflect some of that sound as well.
Depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of thickness and styles of shades to choose from. If you are looking for a sure fire way to block out the sunlight in your bedroom, you will want to go with a blackout cellular opposed to a light filtering cellular which will allow light to filter through the fabric. There are also sheer options which will allow a lot of light and even a degree of visibility through the shade. Of course, there is always the option of making your cellular shade a Day/Night shade which can allow 2 types of fabrics onto ONE shade; creating the ability to be light filtering AND blackout.
Another great reason and perk of cellular shades are the mechanism options; you really have so many options to choose from – regular, cordless, top-down-bottom-up, motorized and as we mentioned previously, Day/Night shades. Cordless and motorized are great options for those families with small children.
When it comes to cellular shades, you can trust Blinds To Go to provide you with a wonderful and affordable selection. OH! and did we mention the lifetime warranty on the mechanism?
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Motorized Cascade, girl controing window shade via remote. General Products Tips and Advice

Motorize It!


If you have a garage, you probably don’t think twice about having a garage-door opener. There’s no way you’re getting out of the car to open the door! (Well, not in 2017 anyway) And what about your TV remote—some of us were designated channel changers as kids…ahem. As humans have done for millennia, we’re always coming up with ways to make life easier, more attractive, safer, and fun!

That’s where you find home décor now: at the crossroads of fun and functional. Motorized blinds and shades knock both out of the park, so let’s take a closer look at how they’ll change your life:

  1. Safety

It has to be said, especially during National Window Covering Safety Month, that motorized blinds and shades are cordless and therefore safer for homes with young children and pets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ranks blinds and shades with cords as one of the top-five hidden hazards in our homes, and recommends replacing older, corded products with newer ones. You can also automatically control motorized blinds and shades to be out of the way when your little one is awake.

  1. Security

Each minute in the United States four homes are burglarized. Making it look like you’re home, night and day, is an important crime deterrent, and moving your window coverings while you’re not home is easy with motorization. When you connect motorized window coverings to a home automation system, you can program your blinds to lower automatically in the evening and rise in the morning on a daily basis, or operate them remotely with your home automation app. No one will know you’re not home.

  1. Convenience

Control all your shades simultaneously or individually from a wall switch or with a remote—it’s your choice! And, motorization is like an invisible ladder to your skylights. Now you can flood your home with sun through your skylights or other hard-to-reach windows, and instantly close them up when you want blackout, dark conditions for sleeping or watching TV; All with the touch of a button. Also when smart technology and energy efficiency combine—watch out. Remote sensors placed on motorized window coverings can detect how much sunlight your room is getting and move the shades accordingly. This also helps protect your couch, rugs, and wood floors from fading in the sun.

  1. Style
    Trends have a habit of sticking around—especially ones that increase the worth of our most valuable assets! Yes, motorizing your blinds and shades right now allows you a certain cachet, but in five years it might be standard, like garage door openers and TV remotes. Your investment in motorized window coverings now will pay off for years down the road.
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Products Shades Tips and Advice Window Basics

Pleated Shades

The pleated shade is a versatile and simply  window shade, very similar in appearance to a honeycomb or cellular shade. The difference between them is that while a honeycomb shade has cells, the pleated window shade consists of a single lighter layer of material. Pleated shades work well by themselves for a minimalistic decorating approach or with other window treatments such as curtains and valances.

These versatile shades come in a variety of sizes. Some can reach lengths up to 120” wide and 120” high depending on the fabric/material. In general, pleated shade come with numerous options as well, giving you plenty of ways to make these shades work for what you need in your space.

Pleated Shade Options

Light Filtering – Light filtering shades are the perfect option for those looking for privacy without blocking out a lot of natural light.

Room Darkening – You should choose room darkening shades if you want to block out a majority of light from outside, this is an ideal option for bedrooms and media rooms.

Blackout – You can also get a backing on the shade to help make it so that no light comes through the shade at all!

Cordless – This is an ideal option for those who want a clean, cord-free look. It is the safest option for those with children and pets too.

Top Down / Bottom Up – This option is great for light and privacy control since you can raise and lower your pleated shades from the bottom OR top of the shade. This option is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms so you can get a lot of light in but still maintain privacy.

Lift Cord – This is the traditional blind which operates with the pull of a cord and an automatic locking mechanism to keep the shade from crashing down.

Motorized – This option will give you the choice to lift and lower your shade with the touch of a button! This option is great for larger windows or higher and harder to reach windows.

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from.. so what will it be??

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Motorized Cascade, girl controing window shade via remote. General Products Tips and Advice

Motorized Options

It used to be that motorized blinds were only for the movies.  Turns out, as technology advances, it has in the blind industry as well.  Motorized is now not just available to movie stars or for something cool in a movie, but available to the everyday consumer for a reasonable price as well!  Think about how great that is – life changing even;  from a functional perspective AND a décor perspective as well.

Functionally; I mean let’s be serious. Who hasn’t woken up and not wanted to get out of bed to close the blinds? Or been sitting on the couch watching a football game when the sun comes in and starts hitting the tv.  Eating dinner, when the sun sets just enough to be in your eyes?  Getting dressed when you realize your neighbors are having a BBQ? Now, you have a remote control to deal with those situations.  You can operate shades that will raise up and down with one click.  You can operate the tilting function of blinds just as easily. The feature is available on any type of blind, which allows it to work where you need shade, privacy, or darkness. The best part is, motorized eliminates issues related to child safety, and there’s not even anything for your kids to play with like on cordless blinds!

From a décor perspective, it will also work anywhere – because it can be added to anything! You can add motorized options to a decorative roman shade in your dining room, or a functional cellular black out shade in your bedroom.  And they look so clean, no more strings hanging down, no need for continuous chain loops that are always showing on your window frames.

Even better, you’ll feel like a movie star when you have them in your own home!!

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Bathroom Decor Blinds Inspiration Products Shades Tips and Advice

Just Motorize It!

In this day and age, everything is automated and computerized in some form. You can program your lights and locks with an app or press a button to open your garage and start your car; so why not motorize your blinds? Blinds To Go offers motorization in some of their most popular products: Harmony, Cellular, Pleated, Roller, Serenity, Cascade, AND Real Wood blinds!

Motorizing blinds and shades in your home is a great way to make mundane tasks easy and efficient. You can say bye-bye to that rickety ladder because motorized blinds and shades are ideal for those high or hard to reach windows. They are also perfect for groups of windows in one room. Imagine opening the Solar Shades in your Sun Room… one at a time… sure it’s just the pull of a chain, but it is a pull of a chain for each window! Now, imagine pressing a button to raise all of the shades at once. Opening, closing, even raising the blinds to your favorite position, all with just one button. Blinds To Go can give customers this simple luxury.

The appeal of motorized blinds is quickly becoming widely realized across the world. It gives you cordless design, an easy to handle remote, a quiet but speedy motor, and is a great time saver. The optimal components totally wrapped up into one of Blinds To Go’s motorized blinds. Want another reason to update your home? Our installers come out and measure, program, and install all of our motorized products! Blinds To Go disposes all of this to create a one stop shop for your needs. Come in and see them for yourself, it’s only the press of a button.

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Frozen window that needs cellular shades to keep the house nice and cozy. Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice


Cooler Nights

Unfortunately, at this point in the year, most of us have had to turn on the heat. It’s always a reminder of the window that is a little too drafty, or the door that isn’t sealed as well as it should be – and makes us start considering the cold months that lie ahead of us. With the holidays ahead, it is also a time we do not want to start too many new projects. The good thing is, covering your windows is a fairly simple process that can solve a lot of your heat issues fairly quickly.

The best option for keeping the cool air out of your house is a hard window treatment – something that lies closest to your window opening. Rollers and roman shades will provide a barrier to the outdoors, but ultimately cellular shades are the go to product if you are looking to insulate the windows.

The greatest thing about the cellular shades are all of the options. They are available from the most basic, white fabric, that raise up and down with a string, to the most complex shades that you can operate from your couch with a touch of a remote control. But, let me back up in case you are not familiar with them. Cellular shades are a polyester shade, comprised of two layers of material that create an air pocket – therefore keeping out the cold air in the winter – and have the reverse effect of keeping in the air conditioning in the summer.

The shades are available in a wide variety of colors, and patterns. They can be made sheer – to still give the feeling of an open room, light filtering – private but let light into the room, or darkening – for those of you that enjoy sleeping in on the weekends or an occasional afternoon nap. They can be made as simple as pulling a string to raise them, or without cords that can just be pushed up or down. They also have a feature where they can both raise from the bottom and lower from the top – if you need some privacy in a nosy neighborhood. And the newest feature, is that they can be motorized – and operate from a remote control. The great part about all of these options is that you are open to matching the décor of any room in your home, and to fit the project into any budget as well.

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