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Tis the Season to make this House a Home

By: Meghan


Fall- the air is as crisp as granny smith apples. The leaves have changed from green to gold, to russet, to pumpkin orange. We are bundling up, drinking hot cider, and some homes have that tell tale silver smoke coming from chimneys. We are warming our homes, our hearts are full, and soon our bellies will match. Loved ones will be flocking like geese soon to our homes- and oh no! Our tables are set with our finest china, with Autumn colored runners- in rich browns, greens, reds, yellows- we have our best silver- but our windows! So long basic vinyl and aluminum, items that we bought ions ago to cover windows, items that came with the house, things to put on windows, but things that don’t have our touch, our signature! We need items to turn this house into a home!

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