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Cascade Sheer Shade in a dining room setting. General Interior Designers Products Shades Tips and Advice

What Are Sheer Shades?

Simply put, sheer shades are an elegant combination of a blind and a shade. The soft inner slats behave as a blind by tilting opened and closed as they are encased on the front and back by a soft, delicate layer of sheer fabric. To lift the shade, a continuous chain  closes the slats, just as a blind would operate, laying the two outer layers of sheer fabric flat against the slats. Then the shade rolls up, similar to a roller shade, into the top rail to clear the window. With the shade drawn and the slats closed, privacy and light control are achieved. If the shade is down with the slats in the open position, light filters in gently through the outer layers of sheer fabric.

Sheer shades are those resplendent blinds that are also a shade, gently filtering light through transparent panels to create an ethereal glow. Once considered a designers secret, sheer shades are now available to the modern design enthusiast in an array of neutral colors and textures. It’s easy, when you’re immersed in the world of design, to forget that the majority of consumers don’t have access to the pulse of the market the way those in the industry do. So what are sheer shades? How do you use them and where can you find them?

Sheer shades were designed to function as both a blind and a shade and were diversely different than anything else on the market. Although the basic components of other window treatments were in place, their design and function set them a world apart. Constructed of fabric vanes that float between two sheer panels, they closely resemble a horizontal blind but are uniquely different. Due to their fabric component, they are lighter in weight and more pliable making them easier to tilt, raise, and lower. This allows them to share the functionality of a roller shade, increasing ease of use with a roll up feature and decreasing the bulky stack that occurs with horizontal blinds. Near perfection is their design, making them an ideal choice for almost any room in the home.

Blinds To Go has a wide selection of our Sheer Shades. They come in mostly neutral colors. There are a few darker gray’s and browns now also! The Sheer Shades now are available in ROOM DARKENING! How could they be sheer shades AND room-darkening? Well, the material is made thicker than the light-filtering material, when they are closed it will be room darkening. Giving the customer the elegant look of sheer shades and the darkening feature, made best for bedrooms!

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Calling all Woven Wood Shades: The Secret to Incorporating Today’s Popular Trend Without Going Overboard

Distressed wood, organic materials, bamboo, barnyard chic, rustic elegance — the list goes on and on when describing the trend that is pushing towards earthy and natural elements in the world of window treatment.  But how does one achieve this look?  Is it time to bring our products outside and go to town distressing some of the fabric?  Or maybe let the material bask in the sun allowing it to get a natural fade in color?  What about considering another option…WOVEN WOOD.

Woven wood is not just for kitchens and beach-themed spaces anymore.  Now you can find selections which offer a wide array of colors and textures that can accommodate any room looking for that warmth and rustic vibe.  The most appealing part is that the materials inherently come with the natural imperfections that are in demand as seen throughout so many home decor magazines.  What may seem as a menacing twig, inconsistent coloring, or even a frayed knot, are actually specifically chosen to add to this products’ natural, organic beauty.

Along with giving that cozy flair to your room, there are some other handcrafted options to make these woven wood shades functional as well.  For example, there are two backings that can be added– a light filtering liner or a blackout liner.  Consider the light filtering liner when it comes to rooms that require both privacy and some natural light.  In contrast, choose a blackout liner for the most sensitive of sleepers in order to block out as much light as possible.  A third option is also to not put a liner at all! Perhaps you have a wonderful view of the coast– an unlined woven wood is just the ticket to retain that view without sacrificing the decor of your windows.

Have a huge window? You can also do a 2 or 3 on 1 shade.  This set up includes one continuous headrail with multiple shades hanging.  2 or 3 on 1s are perfect for double or triple windows because they maintain the divisions of the window, while still keeping a cohesive look. Plus, your arm will thank you later for disbursing the weight instead of lifting up one giant, heavy shade.

Woven wood are truly a versatile choice when decorating your home.  Many argue that these shades are the cousins of the beloved roman shades.  And why not, woven wood shades do in fact lay flat or bubble out like a classic roman, but they also add earth tones and that tropical feel to any room.

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How to Sleep Better at Night: Cellular Shade Edition

The basis of good health starts with good food, exercise and restful sleep. While a blind or shade can’t cook you dinner or work out with you, it may be able to help you get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s the early morning sun or outside artificial lighting, light can interfere with our sleep and effect our wellbeing. Cellular shades are a great help in this matter; so here are some options to help keep your bedroom dark.
Your first option would be a light filtering cellular shade. These shades are your typical cellular shade you find most places; light, airy and filters the light from the outside… (hence, light filtering!) These shades will block minimal light and help to defuse bright lights such as street lights or billboard signs. Sometimes with these shades, if you chose a darker color (no neutrals) then it will transform into more of a room darkening shade instead; giving you much more light blocking ability.
If you want or need even more light blocked best option would be blackout cellular shades. These shades are made with a light blocking material inside of the “honeycomb” part of the cellular shade which does not allow any light to pass through. On most windows, the only light that will show through will be the light gaps along the outside of edges of the shade/window. A fun tip though: to eliminate even that light, you can put drapery panels on either side of the window and then establish complete darkness! Now you won’t know if it is day or night!
Cellular shades also come in a variety of colors and options such as cordless or  top-down/bottom-up which will allow you to operate the shade 2 separate ways. Of course there are many other options for black out shades available, but cellular shades are usually a less expensive option as well as an energy efficient option; how can you beat that?!
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Stop and Enjoy the View

Stop and Enjoy The View

As Spring turns to Summer, you can look forward to warmer weather and longer days to enjoy. One of our favorite things to do is to appreciate the beautiful outdoors while still inside your home.  For those of us who love the natural light or want that ability to see outdoors, we have the perfect solution in our Solar, Cascade, Serenity, and our newly added Allure Shades.

Our Solar Shades are a great option for shades than can help to block those harmful UV rays from the sun. These shades are made of a special material that is woven in a particular way so that light may still pass through but it blocks the UV rays which are harmful to your skin, furniture and carpets. These shades are even known for cutting out the glare on a television as well – all without ever compromising the view! These shades are perfect for Kitchens, SunRooms or even sliding glass doors!

Speaking of sliding glass doors, Allure Shades are a beautiful new concept of window treatment that are perfect for them! Unlike the Solar Shades, Allure shades allow you to keep your privacy when you need it or enjoy your view when you want it; much like a Vertical Blind. They are offered in neutral colors so they will match or blend with almost any decor style. The best part is if you have windows nearby too, you can use their counterparts: the Cascade and Serenity shades!

Cascade and Serenity are similar in the sense that they are shades but also function like a blind. Although in different ways, both shades open and close completely and or tilt/alter how much light is let in for both privacy and room darkening features. These window treatments give any room a relaxed and contemporary look.

So when shopping for new window coverings this season, look no further than the ones at  Blinds To Go that will help you make the most out of your indoor life AND outdoor life!

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A Minute On Curtains

A Minute on Curtains

Whether you’re completely redecorating a room, or just looking to give a room a special touch, the right curtain can be a great help.  But with so many options out there, choosing the right curtain can be a challenge.  After selecting between the light filtering and darkening options and the regular and decorative rods and accessories, it really comes down to color.

With typical paint and blind selections staying in the neutral colors like variations of white and recently, grays, the choice of color regarding curtains becomes increasingly useful in completing a room.  Bright and bold colors in draped sheers or simple panels are great contrasting additions to any room that is painted a neutral color.  They are good starting places to match pillows and other accent items.

Floor to ceiling panels in a bold print are popular because they add design to a room as well as dress the window up.  And if you’re looking to try something different, try going “rod-less.”  More and more options are emerging to do away with the curtain rod such as magnets and metal rings.  These options allow for more freedom when hanging the curtains so that you can adhere the curtains on angles instead of the traditional straight line, making them even more unique.

BTG Store 256

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Leyton BTG Store 151

It is time to start the new year fresh and bring new ideas into your home. Blinds to Go now offers a new style to our line of unique styles. The new Highlands material is a versatile design inspired by the beauty of woven woods (Bamboo shades.) blending different hues and colors to create a natural yet elegant look and texture. The Highlands style come in many different colors such as: Wheat, a soft light biege color. Teak, Similar to Wheat but a slightly darker biege with more accents in color. Clove, a dark red and brown giving a very warm color to the room. Birch, a perfect mix of the colors of wheat and teak,  with streaks of grey woven through. and last but not least, Stone, a vibrant grey in a “cookies and cream” blendalmost like Birch but instead of biege and grey,  it is white and grey with minor black accents.

The Highlands come not only in a light filtering,  but a Room darkening as well. This is the same pattern as the Highlands, but with a soft room darkening lining on the back that dims light and provides a neutral background to the street. The shades are not black out due to the fact that like other woven shades,  their are still minor Light gaps between the weaves. The highlands can come in roller shades, as well as Roman shades,  and vertical blinds. (Highlands room darkening however is not available in fabric vertical blinds).

Let your new year start with a unique and different change in your home. The Highlands are a perfect way to start something new in redecorating and blends with most styles and settings in your home.

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Sheer-Light filtering- Room Darkening- Blackout

By: Sai

These terms are so important in the blind world but how is the regular consumer supposed to know the difference. I know I sure didn’t until I went looking for blinds.  My goodness, I still have a headache!  Every room has some type of different requirement that I wanted follow. So guess what I am doing for this blog. I will teach everyone the difference between requirements, and how I used each throughout my house. This will be a long strenuous process. It will hurt your brain, but in the end you will enjoy it! Let’s begin!

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Home Away from Home

By: Karen

As I laid down in bed at a bed and breakfast last weekend, I stopped and asked myself – why isn’t my mattress at home – the one I sleep in every night – this comfy?? It literally feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud.  Unfortunately, like most things, it’s not in the budget. Neither is a TV like the flat screen LED in the room, or a maid to clean up after me and do my laundry.  I feel like everyone needs to escape at least once a year just to relax and enjoy these amenities.

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Narrowing it Down: Tricks to Making Your Window Coverings Easier to Choose

By: Liz
Many clients walk into my showroom on Long Island, and realize very quickly, that we here at Blinds To Go are not kidding when we say we have the world’s largest selection. There are quite literally over 25,000 options to price at BTG. Sounds overwhelming, does it not? The process of picking out the perfect window treatment can be. It is part, if not most, of the reason I’m employed. I’m trained as a Design Consultant to narrow you, as the consumer, down to the treatment that makes the most sense. The functionality, the decorative purpose, and the fiscal concerns are all things I already know to take into account. Most of my clients leave out at least one of these concerns, sometimes two out of three.

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