DIY – Get Your Kids Organized

Looking for something to do on those rainy days?  We’ve come up with a list of fun projects you can do with the kids inside – and clean up and dress up their bedrooms a little while you are at it!! Create a “holding area” for stuffed animals. It’s amazing how many stuffed animals a child […]

Decorating + Back To School

As the summer draws to an end, the unfortunate reality sets in that school is right around the corner. If you are disappointed, imagine how your kids are feeling! From our personal experience, it always seems to help to do some fun projects together before the kids get back to school. To get in the […]

Young Entrepreneurs

School is out and the kids are home! The weather is nice and it’s a great time to spend quality time with the children. A great way to do that is setting up a lemonade stand! The kids can help make the lemonade. Grab a few fresh lemons and cut them in half. Juice them […]

This Summer Thar Be Treasure

This Summer That Be Treasure What kid doesn’t love a good hide and seek? Now that school is out, your kids will be out playing in the water sprinkler to cool off, or maybe in the pool pretending to be a shark or even a pirate!? A fun activity to help your small pirate is to […]