Insulating Woods

By: Tiffany P. Summer being the hottest season we have, insulation is just as important now as it was for our long, freezing and exhausting winter. Having a window treatment with good insulation will ultimately save you money since there will be no need to have the air conditioning constantly running. With great insulation comes […]

Going Green

By Tiffany H. In this day and age a lot of focus is set on the conservation of the environment, as well as conserving our expendable funds. So as a top manufacture of the blinds and shades industry we want to keep up with the new and up coming trends, therefore we offer a wide […]

Baby it’s Cold Outside

By: Meghan Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost- brr! Something is nipping at your nose, your toes, and it’s only November! It shouldn’t be that cold, and oh the heating cost! Time to do something about those windows where the chill is coming in. You could crank up the heat, oh wait- you […]

Aluminum Blinds: Underrated?

By: Karen I recently moved into a new house, with a lot of windows. I think there were somewhere around 30 windows throughout the whole house. And, of course, when I moved in there was absolutely nothing in the windows, the previous owners decided not to leave anything behind. Which, I suppose was fine, because […]

Sun’s Heating Up, Are you Keeping Up?

By: Karen As the warm weather quickly approaches, it is time to remember what I said in the middle of the summer last year – you need to figure out how to make this house cooler!! Unfortunately, central air is definitely not in the budget, so I suppose it’s time to hit the internet to […]