Cellular, Cellular, Cellular

Cellular, Cellular, Cellular  This is Probably just an opinion, but cellulars are the best! Cellular, honeycomb, accordion: whatever you want to call them, they are the best insulators. Regardless of the decor, cellular shades can offer it. You have the potion to customize each room and treat them with their own unique color, or design. […]

Heat’s Here

Heat’s Here By Karen E. Around this time of year we get a lot of customers coming in realizing how much light and heat is coming in through their windows.  The sun is pleasant during the other three months, until you realize how much harder your air conditioner is working, and how much higher your […]

Keeping the Winter Cold Out!

“The weather outside is frightful…. but the fire inside’s delightful”…  Snow is one of those great things that goes along with winter, it gives you that feeling that the holiday season is here and makes us merry.  The one thing that no one misses is coming inside from those harsh cold days that winter can […]