Mounting Decisions??

By: Karen So after realizing the windows in my new home were far from standard sizes, I set out to look for some custom blinds. I’m not the fanciest decorator, so I wanted something simple, yet something that was decorative enough to stand alone – curtains are definitely not on my to do list. I […]

Wood Blinds stick out vs. outside

By: Sai If given the choice I will always go with an inside mount. Everywhere I have ever lived I have had wood blinds and they have been inside mounted. My windows have always been deep with extended sills so my blinds always sat nice and neatly. Mounting my blinds on the inside of the […]

Inside or Outside??

By: Karen When you shop for blinds either in a store or online, one of the first questions you will be prompted with is – inside or outside mount?? After the first time when I responded (and thoroughly embarrassed myself) – “Um, obviously I’m putting them inside my house” – I was slightly, but not […]