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New Year, New Shade

By: Brittany
Modern bedroom
Just picture it. You’re preparing for your annual new year’s eve bash and you’re cleaning every nook and cranny. Then there’s your windows. You think, “Wait a minute, since when were my shades grey? I know I bought bright white.” Dust strikes again, but fear not, you have options! Lucky for you, many stores have rather generous end of the year sales. Keep an eye out for sales on the same shades you love so much. Even better, consider products that will not only save you money now, but will keep saving you money in the future. For example, take a look at honeycomb shades.

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Pretty Looks, Happy Wallets

By: Ali


The new furniture is in, the walls are painted, pictures are mounted on the walls and it is time to kick back and relax, when you notice that your nosy neighbor can see right through your wide open windows. Before you pull your hair out and stress over the hundreds of dollars you would have to spend to buy a shade worthy of the decor of your room, take a deep breath and come to Blinds to Go.

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Insulation Renovation

By: AishaModern bedroom


What is the best product for insulation value? The truth of the matter is any blind or shade is going to help with insulation, although vinyl isn’t as good as fabric for insulation. The only product however, that is rated for top insulation is cellular shades. The reason being is that they are designed in the shape of a honeycomb pleat. Each pleat traps pockets of air inside and enables the shade to either keep a room cool in the summer or warm during the winter.

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Cold and Drafty

By: Karen

It’s winter. Again. Which means its time to get out the heavy blankets, wool coats, and warm sweaters. It’s time to change the curtains out from the delicate sheers, and replace them with the heavy drapes. The sweaters and jackets, I can deal with. Really because there is no other option. But taking those drapes out again, got me to thinking, what else can I do with these windows??

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