Cellulars for My Sunroom

By: Sherry   I had purchased my house not too long ago and I am very lucky to have a sunroom. I love how sunny and bright the room is. It is the room I usually try to sit in during the afternoon when I want to relax. Right away, I hung up paper shades […]

On the Cellular Level: Light Filtering vs. Blackout and Their Options

By: Aisha   When it comes to cellular shades, what is the go-to option? Well there are a few different options to have.  For instance, cellulars come in light filtering or blackout. Light filtering is typically used when you want to have light in the room but maintain privacy. Blackout, on the other hand, is […]

Insulation Renovation

By: Aisha   What is the best product for insulation value? The truth of the matter is any blind or shade is going to help with insulation, although vinyl isn’t as good as fabric for insulation. The only product however, that is rated for top insulation is cellular shades. The reason being is that they […]

Blinds and Shades for Sunrooms

By: Ashley Sclafani    Here are some of the most practical options, in my opinion, for sunroom blinds and shades:

Curtains and Blinds and Shades. Oh My!

By: Carrie   When my cousin bought her first home this spring, we converted a large nook area into a sunroom. She was thrilled to have a place all her own where she could relax in the sun with a good book.  But, a sunroom is essentially a greenhouse. All that glass traps in the […]

Meditating the Days Away

By: Aisha I recently purchased a new home. The most important feature of it is my sun room. It is a place I frequent often, because it makes a great meditation spot. Its a place in which I can relax and center myself, but the issue is as summer approaches it gets very bright and […]

Cellular Shades In My Sunroom

By: Dominic I have a large sunroom in the back of my house with many windows. I have always had metal mini blinds in the room but I had learned that mini blinds are not ideal when it comes to conserving energy. The room gets a lot of sun, and as you can imagine, during […]

Top Down Bottom Up Solution!

By: Aisha I recently renovated my home by building a large sunroom, and cutting down a few trees in the backyard.  It has five large windows, and one slider door that transitions to an outdoor deck.  All of the windows run along the same side of the wall next to each other, and the door […]

Cold and Drafty

By: Karen It’s winter. Again. Which means its time to get out the heavy blankets, wool coats, and warm sweaters. It’s time to change the curtains out from the delicate sheers, and replace them with the heavy drapes. The sweaters and jackets, I can deal with. Really because there is no other option. But taking […]