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There is no escaping it; GOING GREEN is all the rage now-a-days – and for good reason too! Everyone wants to have a part in saving the planet, but you don’t think about the easy ways to incorporate that into your home decor as well. We have put together some great ideas from paints, to art work to window coverings that will help you create a “green home” through your decor.

Now, we have touched on window coverings a lot in past blogs but not so much the green aspect of them. There are TONS of options to have green window coverings throughout your home, even if you wanted something different for each room! First we have the natural choice (no pun intended) of Natural Woven Wood shades. These shades are made up of natural grasses, bamboo and fibers to create beautiful window coverings that both bring a bold statement to a room and are a perfect way to create a “green” living space. The best part about these is the options; you can have them plain so they are see through, have a light filtering liner put onto them for a little more privacy, or even a blackout liner for complete darkness incase you wanted to use them in a bedroom.

Another great option for window coverings are Cellular Shades. These shades are also known as “Honeycomb shades” due to the shade itself looking like a honeycomb when you view it from the side. These honeycombs, or “cells”, create air pockets which help to insulate; keeping cold air out and warm air in or vice versa depending on the season. You can typically find them in a variety of colors and a ton of neutral colors as well. Personally, i think they pair very nicely with paneled drapes on either side – in which you can also find “green” fabrics that are made from natural fibers and recycled materials as well!

Let’s move onto paint. “Paint isn’t “green”.” you say? On the contrary, perhaps you’re not looking for the right paint. They now make paints that are Eco-Friendly! These paints are typically made with low VOCs, low biocides and natural pigments. To get a truely “green” paint you need to get paint that has VOC levels between 0-100gm/l. The coolest thing is that they make milk paint and natural paints which use, you guessed it, milk protein, citrus, minerals and lime.

Finally we touch on the part of most rooms that really give the meaning of decor; the artwork. Every home has artwork, whether it’s an old vase your Grandmother passed down to you, your child’s macaroni artwork from school or a $10,000 painting over the mantel piece. Art is a loose term that is covered over many fields, therefore this makes it easy to incorporate “green” art into your home! Many retailers now sell recyclable products such as bins, frames and vases which make it easy for you to decorate your home. You can also check out Pinterest or other online DIY sites to see millions of ideas to create your own artwork from recycled items found in your very own home as well!

The sky is the limit with your green living, now go out there and save your plant one room at a time!

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With a growing consciousness towards preservation of the environment and climate change mitigation, energy conservation is becoming evermore popular. Conserving energy can be a tough tasks, especially for those of us who live in an older home, built during a time when energy conservation was not at the forefront. For an extra boost of insulation, cellular shades are an excellent option. The honeycomb pockets in out 3/4” pleats can help control the flow of hot and cool air into your room, meaning you won’t need to pump up the heat in the winter or crank the air conditioner in the summer. This line of sleek, and contemporary blinds will give you that much needed insulation you’re looking for. If you prefer a smaller pleated look, our double-cell, 3/8″ pleats will give you a different look with the same insulation properties as the larger 3/4″ pleats. For maximum insulation value our complete line of blackout cellular shades will be a great option for darkening your bedroom and providing optimal energy control.

Cellular shades are not only functional and practical but extremely stylish. For a more simple, clean look consider one of our ‘Prestige’ or ‘Smart-cell’ colour options available in both blackout and light-filtering. For a more dressed up look, one of our printed fabrics like our ‘Borgata’ or ‘Mandalay’ styles will be a great option to dress up your living areas. With top-down bottom-up options to allow you to control light and air flow as well as cordless options for child safety it will be difficult to find a window covering option as practical aas a cellular shade. Add in the fact that the energy savings they provide will eventually exceed the price you’re paying for them and your window covering problem becomes quite easy to solve.

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Go Green!

By: Nasim

I’ve always been apart of the green movement. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I also use as much of the natural light during the day to avoid leaving on electricity, and I keep my TV on “sleep mode” just in case I fall asleep before I can shut it off!

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