Summer Clean-Up

By Delilah C.

How quick is summer ending?? Fall season is approaching us! Here are a few end of summer cleaning tips that I’ve gathered through the last few years.

Scrub outdoor furniture: Throughout the summer, the outdoor chairs accumulate the buildup of dirt, bugs, etc. from the rainy days. Make sure you give them a thorough cleaning so you’re able to reuse them next summer!

Clean outdoor cushions: Similar to the furniture, these cushions can accumulate a great amount of dirt—although you may not see it at the surface.  Different fabrics need different care, but spot cleaning with some dishwashing detergent and warm water can help with the cotton, polyester, and acrylic fabrics. Always make sure to allow time to air dry before storing the cushions away!

Wash beach towels: Swimming and beach season is over, unfortunately! Give your beach towels a much needed bath, using the hottest water the fabric allows. Add a small amount of fabric softener to the load and they’ll be ready for next summer!

Scrub your grill: After all the summer BBQ’s, your grill will most definitely have some cook on grime that isn’t fully gone! Make sure you clean it thoroughly before putting it away for the winter!

Clean gardening tools:  To prevent your tools from rusting, keep your gardening tools looking brand new after months of maintaining your precious gardens. Things you’ll need to get the job done include gardening gloves, a putty knife, steel wool, a 3 ½ gallon plastic bucket, 1 tbsp. dish soap, 2 cups of bleach, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 5 oz. can lighter fluid, all-purpose play sand, bleach-free disinfecting wipes, old towels and a garden hose.

During your cleanup towards this time of you year, you might have waste, or extra stuff in the garage you know you need to throw away. I would clean out the clutter and just get rid of it all to start your fall and winter months clutter free!

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Picture Perfect Home

Right now, the housing market is a tough competition. People naturally wants to buy houses that meets their needs and budget, and either meets or exceeds their expectation. Buyers have lots of options to choose from, and they want to be able to see a lot of choices from the comfort of their own home. This is where technology comes into play, and if you want to be able to catch people’s attention in your listings, here are some tips that you can do to make your house the desire of everybody.

  1. SHOW THE INTERESTING FEATURES OF YOUR HOME – you think those brick walls are the star, or maybe those exposed beams, or the big decorative pillars, or skylights? Show it. If your space have it, then flaunt it. You’ll never know if this is what someone’s specifically looking for in their new home.
  1. FOCAL POINT – think your room looks boring and too neutral? Create a focal point by adding pops of color, you can do it by adding colors on the accessories like pillows, paintings, or even blinds.
  1. KEEP IT NATURAL – Use the natural light to your advantage. Take pictures when the sun is high and all the lights are flooding into your home. A well lighted room makes it look more open.
  1. USE FURNITURES WISELY – Use the appropriate size according to the space you need to fill. Big furnitures in a small room will make it look even more cramped. With big rooms, you can use furnitures to create new spaces. A fully furnished, well thought of, room can make your home look more cozy and homey.
  1. ACCESSORIES AND DIMENSIONS – Light paint colors make the room look bigger, mirrors give additional dimension and can reflect other areas of the house that are not in the picture, rugs can make the room look smaller because it creates the illusion that breaks the floor area.

You can attract people with pictures but keeping it clean and very welcoming will make them want to live there.

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Add a POP of Color

Spring is officially here and with spring brings the bright bold colors of flowers, fresh grass, and blue skies. Which also makes it the perfect time of year to bring some of those bold colors inside. Unfortunately, bringing a bold shade of fuchsia or an electric lime to your home decor can sound easier said that done. The key thing to keep in mind when bringing this pop of color into your room is that it should be just that; a pop. To help you not go overboard, we have put together a list of ideas; some bolder than others to bring the bright colors inside your home.

  • Front door. Depending on the decor in your living room or foyer (they generally tend to err on the side of neutral tones), adding a splash of color to your front door can be a fun way to brighten up the space  it’s a big enough space to make a statement, but it’s small enough that it can handle a bright pink or bold teal.
  • Nightstands are a great piece of furniture to use to bring in some color. For starters, they are usually the smallest (so easiest and least expensive) piece of furniture to switch out in your bedroom, and they are available in a variety of bold colors. Or, if you’re not loving your current night stands, make it a DIY project and refinish them to your color of choice! This same theory/process can be used in the living room with your end tables as well.
  • Inside of a bookshelf. This one seems a little outside of the box, but have a boring white bookshelf in your office? Take out all the books and repaint the back panel with a bright shade of yellow; it instantly adds color but as soon as you add your books back on the shelf it gives you a little subtler of a look!
  • Add an area rug. There are few rooms that can’t handle the addition of an area rug. Even the kitchen or bathroom can use smaller rugs and can instantly be transformed with a bright bold color – even pattern!
  • Accent chair. Clearly, named “accent” chairs for a reason, this is a great way to bring in a bold color to many rooms in your home. Add a chair in your living room, bedroom, or even a corner in your dining room. Decide on the space if you want to find something just decorative or if you would want it to be functional as well and make a statement.

The best part about all these ideas is that, as easily as you make the transformation, you can take it back. You always want to keep in mind when decorating that less really is more, and not to paint/change anything that you could see yourself wanting to undo in the next two years. Happy Spring!

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Ultra Violet

Every year, Pantone picks a new color of the year and you will see it blended into fashion and décor without ever knowing. This year’s color Ultra Violet is a bold shade of purple described by them as, “Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” This color will be a perfect color to add a bit of drama and flare in different rooms.

Last year’s color Greenery was used in situations such as a bold, solid fabric for a couch or even in dramatic roman shades. We believe that this year’s color will be a great color to add a splash of in any room and can be used in many different ways to bring out its full potential. Let us know if you think of any others that we missed.

Centerpiece: a centerpiece on a table could benefit greatly from have an deep rich color of Ultra Violet, an easy way to add this would be with an Orchid or large bouquet arrangement highlighting this magnificent hue.

Wall:  talk about an accent wall! If you just love the color and want to make a statement in any room whether its a living room or bathroom, Ultra Violet could make an impact statement by painting one full wall and drawing attention to it when you walk in.

Pillows: Furniture lasts a long time so if you want to dial it back a bit you may consider using a mix of throw pillows in order to add Ultra Violet along with other complimentary colors into a rooms décor.

Window Treatments: Ultra Violet is a great color to add originality to a room and what better way to do that then splashing it in a pattern for your shades roman or roller and even drape or curtains. This would add a little accent in order to pull a whole room together and completing a theme.

Flowers: Like we mentioned earlier, most Orchids tend to have a shade of Ultra Violet but plenty of other flowers can be used in your décor to add a splash of color and it’s always nice to add some organic decor into a space.

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The “Hybrid” Shade

So you’ve just finished redecorating your living room — the walls are freshly painted with the trendiest shade of grey, and all of the espresso furniture that you’ve hand selected bring the exact look and balance that you’ve envisioned since day one of brainstorming.  All of the pieces are coming together, and yet there is still something missing.  You look around and add some pops of color in the throw pillows, and even incorporated your own photos of nature and beautiful  sunsets, but you still find a void to fill.  You look around once again, and low and behold, you have no blinds or shades in your windows!  Sure the natural light is wonderful and irreplaceable, but there’s just something to be said about finished window treatments– it’s kind of like putting the cherry on top of an already tempting sundae.

So now, you ask yourself– do I put a blind or a shade? Do I consider a blind where I can tilt the slats and still be able to lift up and down? Or, do I just want a shade that just goes up and down?…Well why not do both?  Cue in the Serenity and Cascade!

Serenity and Cascade are somewhat of a hybrid that combine both the benefits of a blind and a sheer shade into one product.  Imagine a sophisticated roller shade (with a chain) where the fabric can be manipulated to either add in light for brightness, or block out light for privacy.  

So how do these “hybrids” actually work? Serenity shades have a double layer of sheer fabric and in between are lateral fabric slats that you can turn for light control.  On the other hand, Cascade shades are made up of horizontal, solid and clear panels that you can line up and alternate for either a see-through effect or a light blocking effect.  Also, these shades disappear into their own head rail for a clean look.  This allows you to maximize your window and let in a significant amount of light.  So at the end of the day, why not choose one of these hybrid shades and get the best of both worlds?!  They’ll surely finish off the look of your fresh, new space. 

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Quick Easy Decor Tips

Making the switch from harsh Winter to Spring is easy, it’s about shaking off the winter blues and bringing the outdoors to the interior space of the home.

Spring is a time of renewal for both outdoors and indoors. Refresh your living space with these quick decorating ideas that are budget friendly, and don’t require repainting any walls!


Spring is a busy time when mother nature is bringing itself back to life. Mimic the patterns of it indoors with oversized floral, and textured fabrics. Color throw pillows, blankets, and table runners can take on these seasonal patterns.

Table dressing

Switch out the focus of your table from winter candles to a blooming glass centerpiece of fresh apples, pears, or fresh flowers, daisies are a popular choice. Using live flowers is the true touch of spring, using crystals stones emphasizes the airy outdoors, they can be found in a lot of small boutiques.


Rearranging furniture can also reawaken a room. Try a different perspective and discover wall space to inspire your design creativity. You might decide to add a new piece of furniture too to give the room more color. Additional ways to welcome in Spring is with wallpapers, printed rugs and light colored furniture.

Window dressing

Remove the heavy drapes that kept out chilly drafts and expand your view with light, sheer window treatments. A great choice would be a sun weave shade, which are for protecting the furniture from the longer daylight hours.


Pierre Victor Store 152

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By Karen E.

After the long, cold, snowy winter we had in Boston, the time is finally here to get outside, open the windows, and enjoy some fresh air.  Finally seems warm enough to store away the heavy sweaters and pack away the warm blankets.  It’s also the time to retire all of the dark colors we used to decorate all fall and winter and brighten up your homes.

Chances are you had hung curtains over the winter to help with the heating costs, so step one is to take those down! Either leave the window with just your blinds (do away with the curtains), or replace them with lighter weight and lighter colored fabrics.  Spring is a great time to bring some fun patterns into the house, and stores are really featuring bold colors this year.  Adding an accent with a bold teal, bright orange, or perky yellow with instantly brighten up the room. There are also a lot of bold geometrical patterns being featured this year that can make a huge difference in a room.

Another area to tackle is your furniture.  After giving everything a good spring cleaning and polishing, you can dress up a bland piece of furniture with some colors as well.  The easiest thing to change out is a throw pillow or blanket with a new color and pattern. Go out get some new brightly colored vases and some fresh flowers and not only with you brighten the rooms up but you will bring in some pretty scents from the outside (or if you don’t have any fresh flowers a brightly colored candle can do the trick too!)!!

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Reclaiming Wood for your Cottage Space

Reclaiming Wood for your Cottage Space

Getting that cottage décor to exactly what we are looking for, isn’t always an easy hurtle to jump.  A very popular look in decorating today is the weather wood, and country home trend. Not all of us have antiques, or naturally beautiful “weathered with time” furniture pieces, for that one of a kind look that goes hand in hand with the country home feel.

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