The Floral Pattern – Not Just For Grandma’s House!

By: Carrie As far as patterns go, nothing is more timeless than a floral pattern. You’ll find it in the everything from classic Victorian homes to the most modern decor. It is simple, yet elegant. And yet it seems to get a bad rep these days. Many first-time homeowners are under the impression that floral […]

Floral Stereotypes

By: Ashley Florals are feminine They don’t have to be. Of course pale muted hues in pink are very girly, but florals are hardly limited to this stereotype. To avoid the feminine floral, stay away from small prints and faded colors. Add masculine pieces to the room. Leather and wood furniture create a more rustic […]

How to Decorate With Florals

By: Ashley Florals provide you with tons of decorating potential! Each pattern has a personality all its own to create a mood and feel that suits you. Spring is the time of year many people start to think about bringing joy and cheerfulness to their homes. And what better way to do so than with […]

Floral Options

By: Jessica One can incorporate a hint of floral into their decor while maintaining a consistent look by combining different styles of the same fabric or pattern. In more open-concept spaces where it might be hard to divide the areas while still maintaining a uniform look throughout, using similar patterns in different contexts open up […]