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Window Dressing

Humidity Resistant Blinds

Thinking of dressing up  your bare bathroom windows? worried about mildew  and warping with your blinds? Well let me tell you, a great way to go is with Blinds To Bo. Blinds To Go offers a variety  of humidity resistant blinds like the faux woods or the aluminum venetian blinds. Depending on your preference you’ll have a high percentage of satisfaction.

The faux woods have four different styles to choose from, the Classic, Wood tones, Ideal wood, and Air wood. The Classic is great if you are budget conscious and offers four colors. The Wood tone which is the second prince point on the list, offers a  greater range in whites  for someone for someone who has a tough time matching their white window frames. The third price point which is currently on sale offers a more natural look when it comes to the prints on the slats. The last price point which is my personal favorite is also on sale. The Air wood is great for those who have large windows. The Air comes with a designer valance and a trapezoid. It is the lightest out of all the blinds, ideal for those who likes to raise their blinds on a regular basis.

Feeling bold and looking for bright colors to match those tiles or that shower curtain? looking for an industrial look? The Softlook 6 and 8 blinds can’t be pass up. With a small head rail and easy pop in brackets they are sure to fit within your shallow frame. Whether you are a left handed or can only  reach that right corner of the window, the Softlook offers the option of switching up the cordlock and the tilting location. So the next time you think of blind, think Blinds To Go.

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The Customer Comes First

By: Tiffany P.

As a store that specializes in both blinds and shades, we like to ourselves on the back because we are the least expensive option for custom window treatments. The reason why we do this is simple, yes as a business profit is important, but here the customer, and the relationship with each individual one, surpasses it all. With BTG, or Blinds To Go, you are our #1 priority, and here are a few ways we are making our products superior, to better serve you.

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Real Friend or Faux

By: Tiffany H.

Faux wood Bath

Temperatures are rising and the sun’s heat is building steadily. Room darkening blinds and shades are all the rage in combating the intense heat, but this summer we’ve been getting a lot of questions and inquires about plantation shutters. My response, of course being sympathetic, that of all the hundreds of different products, styles, and options that is the one thing we do not have. Once I manage to explain the complexities and price of installing plantation shutters, I coax them into taking a look at our real wood and faux wood collection. It is followed by a barrage of questions all surrounding one main point, which is the better product?

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Summer Blinds 2.0

By: Ashley H.


The summer season brings brighter flowers, green lawns, kids playing, and long nights with friends. Many people use the summer months as a reason to revamp their homes and treat their windows to new treatments. During the winter months, heavy curtains and panels are the norm. But once summer hits, you are going to want to lighten your windows up with not only neutral and light colors, but also other treatments, like blinds. Blinds, especially 2″ blinds, will give your windows a summer feel and the ability to tilt the slats. This will allow sunlight to creep in and you can see through the slats. You will be able to enjoy your outside view and feel like nature is fully around you.

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Blinds Inspiration

Keep it Simple

By: Gloria H.


Now that spring is here it’s time for a fresh new look.  You want to change the look of your room but still keep it simple with soft details that will pop.  You want to create a complete look that will brighten up your room this spring, without breaking the bank.  It almost sounds impossible but I’m going to help you to do just that. Faux Wood is a great alternative to natural wood while still creating the same look at a lower price.  It is made up of a pvc/polystyrene material that is easy to clean, and looks great in any room.

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New Year, New You, New House

By: Ashley

Each year as the month of December comes to an end, people find themselves making resolutions for the new year ahead and setting individual goals. Many people do this because they are tired of procrastinating and have come to accept the changes they need to make to become better. So why not make a resolution to get your house in the style and shape that you want? We all at some point feel this way, as homeowners and renters. You have that “ahh” moment where you realize that you have been looking at the same paint job and window treatments, since your daughter was born; and now she is in middle school! So why not change this? While you’re coming up with resolutions to make yourself better, add a few more to that list in homage to your house.

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Holiday Tradition

By: Gloria


The holidays and traditon go hand and hand. It’s our traditons that remind us that some things are meant to last.  The holidays are one of many great times of the year that remind us of that.  Whether you’re having a large holiday gathering with friends and family, or having a small intimate get to gether you want the ones you are spending it with to remember what the holiday season is all about.  That’s why now may be the best time to add a little traditon to your hoilday themed room with the soft, natural, and tradition Faux Wood blinds.  Nothing gives a more traditional look than a faux wood blind made to look and feel like real wood. It’s a great option that when taken cared of can last for many more holidays to come.

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Can the real wood blind please stand up?

By: Ashley


“Do you sell shutters?” This question has been popping up repeatedly lately, no matter what window treatment facility your at. This is due to the growing demand of consumers wanting a product similar to traditional wood blinds, but with a slightly different opening style and look. Traditional shutters are mounted from the outside of your house and used to combat extreme weather conditions; i.e. tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. These same depicted shutters can be found still on homes located in the midwest and south. Nowadays shutters have evolved and moved inside homes. Modern shutters, found in various colors, are normally found mounted inside homes. They are unable to be lifted up and down like traditional blinds, but you can tilt the slats with a rod that is normally in the middle of the shutter blind. Shutters are very nice in style and can accentuate your decor, but they can become a hassle to install and a damper on a rainy day fund.

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Decorating a Formal Space on a Budget

By: Sherry

linen_moss_005 damaged

Decorating formal living spaces can be an expensive project. People think they need roman shades to create formality, when there are many types of shades or blinds that can dress up windows for less. When picking your blind or shade, choosing one with a pattern, valance, or deep rich tone can change the feeling in your room into a formal atmosphere. This can be achieved with a patterned roller shade, a decorative valance on a faux or real wood blind, or a dark espresso pleated or cellular shade. Decorating with any of the these choices in a blind or shade is less expensive then a roman shade and helps create a formal space.

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