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Woven Woods are Green!

Are environmental concerns at the top of your agenda? Do you refuse to drink out of a plastic water bottle or cringe everytime you see litter on the sidewalk? If this is the case you may have a difficult time finding a window covering solution that doesn’t harm the environment. A roman shade made of bamboo or woven wood will likely be your most environemntally friendly option. Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources on our planet, it not only grows quickly but  in great abundance. This means that you can rest easy knowing that the bamboo harvested for your brand new shade should grow back in a matter of days or weeks. In addition, all headrails on our woven wood shades are made of natural materials, no plastic whatsoever!

Woven wood shades would make the perfect complement to an environmentally friendly household. They provide a natural look, and are available in a wide array of colours and styles. A flat bamboo shade will give you a simple look, while a classic panel will add to any traditional decor. If you’re looking to add natural wood colours to your home the real advantage with a bamboo shade is that they often contain a few different clour tones that will perfectly accent any room. For example our ‘Palau’ style in a ‘Carraway’ colour has brown tones with heavy green accents in the shade, this makes it versatile and easy to match as it will pick up on any colours you have in the room.

An added bonus to any woven wood shades is that the nature of a natural wood like bamboo is that it will provide some insulation for your home. Add in the fact that bamboo is sustainable means that this is easily the most environmentally friendly shade Blinds to Go carries.


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Green Renovation

By Kim W.

Catalina SeaSalt

I decided in honor of Earth Day this month and my need to renovate my living room that would blend the two together to create a beautiful space that is both comfortable and easy on the eyes.. And the planet!

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Inspiration Shades Tips and Advice

Have your friends go “green” with envy while you stay eco-friendly!

By: Sarah B.


Bamboo is a great way to decorate your home while still being eco-friendly. Most materials such as wood or fabric take time to grow or create. However, bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants on the planet. Within a day if the bamboo is cut it will grow back within only a few hours. Even if the plant is cut from the root it will grow back right where it was making it ideal because it doesn’t need to be replanted each season. Also, bamboo releases oxygen after absorbing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide so it can also help in having cleaner air within the home.

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