Florals, Not Just Your Grandmother’s Couch Anymore

By: Karen Back in the days when we were growing up, the only floral prints that you saw, generally were on the upholstery of one of your older relative’s furniture.  It wasn’t really decorative; it was just there.  A lot of times there were multiple patterns in the same room, and it just ended up […]

Floral Fancies

By: Kim A lot of people hear the words “floral print” and immediately get discouraged. “It looks like Grandma’s house” is the exact phrase I heard from my 7 year old boy. However, florals can be a great and even subtle way to add color and texture to a room!  

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holidays

By: Karen The holidays are right around the corner, so in other words, there’s going to be a lot of company stopping by – whether you want to see them or not.  During this holiday rush there’s not a lot of time to get anything complicated done, especially when decorating the house is probably at the bottom […]