Naughty or Nice, Sugar and Spice Children’s Holiday Rooms

By: Meghan Parents, want to make your child’s room or play room extra special this holiday season? Want to add decor- yes decor! as decor is the first step of DECORation- that will make the room cheerful and bright? Of course you do! You’ve already got tinsel, mini trees, garland, twinkle lights, personal menorahs, dreidel, […]

Perfect Blinds for Our Sunroom

By: Sherry   My wife and I recently had windows replaced in our sunroom. They are new Anderson insulated windows, which is something we needed for the sunroom. Because of that, our old blinds wouldn’t fit in the windows. My wife and I had our own ideas of what we wanted. My wife wanted something […]

Endless Options For Your Sunroom!

  By: Rhiannon There are so many ways to decorate your sunroom! Just by changing or adding blinds or shades you can transform drab and dreary to fun and exciting!
For instance, if you like the look of shutters and want a cottage feel but find they are a little out of your budget, you can […]

Faux isn’t Fauxpas

By: Aisha  My family recently just added a new addition to our home. That new addition was a bouncing baby girl. Her name is Angel. We decided upon her arrival that we would convert our sun porch into a playroom for her. The problem was with the extreme sun coming into the room it made […]

Ocean Front Issues

By: Karen When we bought our summer house on the Cape a couple of months ago, I didn’t realize there would be so much to consider. When you live in a house year round, you have time to decorate, change things around, and get comfortable. When you are only there on the weekends, you want […]