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Home Decor: Repurposing

Home Décor: Repurposing

A lot of the projects and DIY ideas that you come across online can seem overwhelming to the average – not so artistic – person. But, the trending style is restoring the old and making it new – so we’ve compiled a list of a few simple concepts that can make a big statement in your home décor.

  • Repurposing windows. For starters, old windows are easy to find at yard sales if you don’t have any extras lying around in your basement – and they can be repurposed in a ton of ways! Once you have acquired a window, refinish the frame in a paint/stain to match your décor – and then your options are endless. You can use it as a frame for pictures or artwork, add a monogram to welcome guests into your home, add a small shelf to the top and hooks on the sides to create a coat rack, or even hang small plants from the top to create an indoor garden. Once you have the window and have refinished it, it’s usually easy to determine the best use based on the size and shape!
  • Repurposing shutters. Also, extremely easy to acquire, and refinish, shutters are a great option for accenting your décor. Again, decide based on the shape and size, but shutters can be made into shelves (think plants or other trinkets), dressed up with lettering to add an accent to your foyer or kitchen, turned into pantry shelves, or even made into a bench.
  • Repurposing doors. Repurposing old doors opens a wide variety of options. Finished with a fresh coat of paint, and rotated 90 degrees you quickly have new, trendy headboard. Adding a mirror to the front of an old door dresses up an inexpensive mirror to appear high end. Again, adding hooks across and a shelf on the top or bottom can add a feature to your mudroom as well as some great storage space.
  • Repurposing wine bottles. Something that most of us have in supply, wine bottles are a more traditional, and extremely easy project. They can be repainted to match any décor, and used for something as simple as a vase, a decorative olive oil canister, a functional soap dispenser, or even a fun light fixture.

Like any DIY project, know your time frame, construction abilities, and artistic talent. But with enough planning, research, and sweat, any project is within your reach!

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Winterizing Windows

While investing in new windows or blinds may be the best way to increase efficiency from your windows, sometimes a quick and easy solution may be necessary. Some years winter blows in earlier than expected, and some years life takes over and you forget you need to prepare. Either way, we’ve put together a list of a few easy ideas that can help keep your home a little warmer this winter.

  • Use bubble wrap on your windows. While it may sound silly, bubble wrap has the similar effect you get from a cellular shade, which is essentially using the bubbles as a barrier to keep the cold air out of your house. Attach the bubble wrap to the edges of your windows with a double-sided tape, that will easily remove at the end of the winter. This idea is great for a window that is drafty right near a bed or table.
  • Use a draft stopper designed for the bottom of a door on any windows that are exceptionally drafty. This will allow you to keep out the cold air with no installation required.
  • Use caulking. While this sounds a little more advanced, it really isn’t. Use the caulking to fill any obvious holes/gaps around the opening of all of your doors and windows. While there may just be small holes or gaps, filling them can make a world of difference.
  • Use inexpensive shower curtains for bigger windows or sliding doors. While it may not be the most attractive solution, a shower curtain can cover a large amount of space fairly easily, while again creating a barrier from the cold weather.
  • Remove any window AC units. While this may seem obvious to some, you are letting in a huge amount of air through the AC unit, therefore, when the wind starts to blow and the temperatures are below freezing, you are getting cold air in and losing your heat right out the windows!

Keep in mind, none of these solutions are as good as replacing drafty old windows, or investing in insulating shades, but when winter comes knocking these will keep the cold out for a little while longer!

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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

The holiday season, in my opinion, is literally the best time of year. Friends, family, parties, and warm fuzzy sweaters. Make sure that decorating the house is always a part of the fun – and not a chore! We’ve put together a list of fun ideas for you and your family to make sure to keep things simple and fun!

  • The tree. Although this may seem to be the most obvious, often the tree can become more of a part of the “process” than fun. Make sure you go together to pick out a tree. Make ornaments together – make it a fun arts and crafts project. Enjoy each aspect (even hanging the lights!!) and make some memories doing it!
  • Dress up your doors. Literally, let everyone decorate a door in the house, and dress it up like a package. From wrapping paper, to bows, to labels, let everyone get creative – you can even vote on your favorite if your family likes a friendly competition!!
  • Decorate your own stockings. Start with a basic red and white stocking, and gather all of your art supplies. Ribbons, bows, paints, sequins, glitter – whatever you can find! When you are done, you can hang them up and add to the holiday décor!!
  • Create artwork. Depending on how ambitious you are feeling – gather canvases, paints, and brushes for everyone in the family. Set up an area (probably a good idea to lay some plastic on the floor) and let everyone create their own artwork. Make sure everyone signs and dates their canvas so you can hang them for years to come.
  • Make fun centerpieces. Gather any vases you have around the house, and any leftover decorations from the tree. Ornaments, garland, even a string of lights. Arrange them in a fun design in the vase, and you suddenly have a decorative centerpiece!!

Remember, the best thing about the holidays is having fun with family and friends. Decorations are supposed to be “fun” and colorful. It’s the time of year that being “perfect” isn’t important, but having warmth and love in your decorations is. Happy Holidays!!

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