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DIY Pallet Wall

After watching all of the home design and remodel shows, you feel like you are ready to take on any project that comes along – I mean they make it look so easy, right? While in reality, most of them have a crew of people working that they don’t show us on the half hour show, but, there are some ideas that you can in fact, do yourself! One of the most popular design techniques that has come up from these shows is the concept of “shiplap” or pallet walls.

This is a technique that repurposes old boards to create a statement wall in any room – whether kept in the rustic unfinished boards condition they were found or repainting them for a fresh new look. Although it provides a big punch in a room, it is actually relatively easy to DIY. Step one is gathering the materials. So, to start, decide if you are shooting for the more rustic look of weathered, old boards, or the fresh look of a painted finish. If rustic, go on a hunt for boards in the color/style you want – check out yard sales, thrift stores, even big box improvement stores now sell – “vintage style” boards. If you are going to paint, start at the home improvement stores to save some time – no one will know what is underneath the paint anyway. Once you have gathered them, you’ll need nails and a saw.

When picking the wall, keep in mind you must work around whatever is there – so try to pick the wall with the least windows, doors, and heating elements, because it honestly just makes the project easier. And then start at the top. Make sure to cut the boards into different lengths – you don’t want to make it look symmetrical. Just nail the boards into place and continue lining up row by row until you get to the bottom of the wall – if necessary cutting the bottom row in height to finish evenly at the bottom of the room. While a hammer and nails would suffice, a nail gun will definitely make the job go quicker and easier.

When you are done, sit back, enjoy another home design show and get thinking about next weekend’s project!!

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Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

“New Years Eve DIY”

By: Kim W.

Linen Truffle Pleated
This year, I am staying in… with friends! I am throwing a New Years Eve party  and have a few tips and fun ways to decorate for your New Years Eve night to be a spectacular one! First thing I did was move all of the furniture to the outside walls or to a different room, this way I have all my seating along the edges of the room so we have one big place to dance and play games. For décor, I blew up black, gold, and silver balloons and tied a 3ft string to each of them (I used sparkly silver and gold string) so when you look into the room it looks like streamers and the beginnings of a great night! I also had an old disco ball that I restrung up on my own and hung from my ceiling fan for additional “bling”. When I sent the invitations I asked everyone to dress in black and white as well. So I have some old black lights from my college days, and bought inexpensive white cloth gloves for everyone to wear and we can dance the night away glowing! So fun!

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Di-stressing Yourself for the Holidays

By: Kayla

‘Tis the season! The holidays are almost here, and that means family and friends, entertaining and decorating your home as cheerfully and festive as this time of year makes you feel. Trying to obtain that warm and inviting, cozy atmosphere by bringing the festivities inside? Adding a new accent to the room is a great way to accomplish that.

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