Latitude Winners

Why is it so hard to dress up your sliding glass door? And why is the price always so expensive? When it comes to window treatments, you don’t have to think so hard about the options. What do I want; a blind or a shade? Pretty simple stuff, right? But when it’s your sliding glass […]

Hot and Cold Cottage Spaces

Hot and Cold Cottage Spaces When choosing the perfect window coverings for a cottage there are a lot of things to consider.  Most often have a set décor that we are trying to fit the blinds or shades into, and we want it to mold and blend considerably with the surroundings and become a part […]

Seeing the View with Sunweaves

Seeing the View with Sunweaves It’s a beautiful warm and breezy Saturday summer morning, you’re sitting at the breakfast table in the cottage, and the fresh smell of recently brewed coffee surrounds you. You breathe in the smell deeply, you feel the warmth from the mug in your hands, and inhale intensely after each sip […]

Home Away from Home

Home Away From Home When decorating your home away from home, whether it’s a small tiny place or a big open space, it’s your escape.  Living in a country that gets to see all four seasons, we tend to appreciate the nicer weather and enjoy what we call the “cottage season”.  When we go up […]

Out with the old (year), and in with the new (year)!

By: Meghan 2014 is a year of new possibilities, changes, a new you. And it’s time to make some changes. I’m here to help you make those changes to your windows. You have had the basic, off the shelf, low quality verticals since moving in. Half are chipped, some are warped. They just need to […]

Blinds and Shades for the New Year (and every year!)

By: Meghan Cheers to you, cheers to all, cheers to everyone all around! We toast we cheer, kiss to a dear, pop champagne, watch the mirror ball drop! Hurrah, hurrah! 2014 is coming up quick and now is the time to prep. 2013 is so last year! You have had that sparkly dress and high […]

Resolution: Roman Shades!

By: Meghan So 2013 is ending. Where did the year go? It zooms by and 2014 is coming, bringing with it hopes and possibilities. That Resolution list is getting longer and longer. And this year let’s add something that you can really scratch off your list! Time to redecorate your house. You don’t need to […]

“Out with the Old, In with the New”

By: Kim W. I live out in the country, but love the bustling city life; so I decided to incorporate that into my home! First thing I did was rip up my carpet with intention of putting in a wood floor, only to find that it had an amazing wood floor underneath! A dream come […]

New Year, New You, New House

By: Ashley Each year as the month of December comes to an end, people find themselves making resolutions for the new year ahead and setting individual goals. Many people do this because they are tired of procrastinating and have come to accept the changes they need to make to become better. So why not make […]