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Are roller shades outdated?

By: Sherry

Many people have memories of an old pull down shade that they had in their parents house. Roller shades have come a long way since then and they certainly are not outdated. The mechanism used for the pull down shades is a much better quality, and there is an option to use a chain instead. They are a versatile option because of the wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. They also are very easy to use and maintain. A roller shade is a great option to decorate your window .

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The Dilemma: Princesses and Dinosaurs

By: Karen

One could argue that it’s my fault that both of my kids are obsessed – my daughter with princesses, and my son with dinosaurs.  Since they can remember, in their long 5 years of life, I have bought them more items related to these obsessions than every mother should have.  Now that we have moved into a new house, and they are getting their own rooms, it only seems logical to them that absolutely everything is related!

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