Wood Color Combos

Kitchen Real Wood Blinds

By Gina G                       

Having the presence of wood in a space is a great way to incorporate natural beauty while benefiting from durability.  Being such a versatile material, wood is used for flooring, window treatments, shelving or storage, furniture, etc.  in homes.  With so many opportunities to bring this natural material into the home, it can sometimes be a challenge to coordinate the wood colors present in a space.  Here are some tips to consider:

If you have different wooden elements in a space, one approach is to try and keep the colors uniform.  This is a bit easier to achieve if the space is smaller and the wood color present is a common one such as white, golden oak, cherry, mahogany, or espresso.  Due to their popularity, it may be easier to find complimentary items of the same color.  However, keep in mind that matching a wood color doesn’t have to be exact.  Because wood is a natural material, color variation is a attribute and often occurs.  This is a positive in that it allows for a bit of flexibility when attempting to match a wood color.

An additional alternative to trying to match an existing wood color would be to introduce another wood color to the space.  Here, caution should be exercised.  Depending on the size of the space, you may want to limit the amount of variation and stick to two to three different colors at most.  If you are able to have three wooden colors present, try to have one be a neutral white or off white so that you don’t risk clashing colors.  

Although introducing another color can be tricky, there are some common color combinations that work well. For instance, if you have a cherry or merlot colored wood, cream colored wooden or faux wood blinds provide a great contrast.  Espresso can either have a complementary gray color (a bit more masculine) or a contrasting light neutral.  Finally, if you have white wood present in a space, you have a lot of options in with adding another wooden color.  However, if you have white woods, try to avoid off-white or alabaster colors as they may appear aged or dirty next to white.  Instead, opt for a wood deep enough in color to contrast the white like a beige or cream.

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Backsplash Inspiration

There are a million and one decisions that go into designing a kitchen; appliances, cabinets, door handles, paint colors, and fixture finishes. But, believe it or not, one of the most defining features of your kitchen is the color and style of your backsplash. Bold or neutral, plain or patterned – this element is going to make a statement for anyone who walks into your kitchen.

Since this piece is so important, the problem then arises of how do I decide what to go with? For starters, you have to take all of the other elements in the room into consideration. The easiest route is to design the rest of the kitchen, and then tackle the backsplash. However, if you have a dream backsplash in mind, chose that, and design the remainder of your kitchen around that. Keep in mind though, it should be the element that ties everything else together – if you have brushed metal fixtures, do not chose a backsplash with chrome or gold. If you have chosen dark cabinets, it is recommended to add a brighter backsplash to lighten up the space.

Good news! There is a huge variety; from tiles, to granite pieces, to metals, to marble – backsplashes are now designed out of anything or everything. Even my personal favorite – sea glass – imagine what a statement that could make paired with a fresh white cabinet! All this variety gives you a range of colors – make sure to coordinate – but try not to match – you never want to overdo a good thing – and in reality, you will never match perfectly either!

Not only color and materials, but sizes and shapes. You always want to keep in mind the size of the space you are working with – if you have a smaller area, you don’t want to go with a tile that is too big, and you won’t be able to repeat many times throughout the space – and at the same time, if you have a huge space, don’t go with a small subway tile that will look overly busy when lined up across the wall.

Once you have chosen the color and size, then you get to decide how to arrange the material. A subway tile can be used vertically, not always horizontal like is expected. A small rectangle piece of granite doesn’t always have to be symmetrical, it could even be arranged in a herringbone pattern.

All in all, the options are endless. Keep in mind like we mentioned earlier, this is going to be a huge statement, no matter how bold or muted you go – but it is also something you are a going to be living with for a long time – so make sure to get samples, test things out, and fall in love before you start installing!

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Add a POP of Color

Spring is officially here and with spring brings the bright bold colors of flowers, fresh grass, and blue skies. Which also makes it the perfect time of year to bring some of those bold colors inside. Unfortunately, bringing a bold shade of fuchsia or an electric lime to your home decor can sound easier said that done. The key thing to keep in mind when bringing this pop of color into your room is that it should be just that; a pop. To help you not go overboard, we have put together a list of ideas; some bolder than others to bring the bright colors inside your home.

  • Front door. Depending on the decor in your living room or foyer (they generally tend to err on the side of neutral tones), adding a splash of color to your front door can be a fun way to brighten up the space  it’s a big enough space to make a statement, but it’s small enough that it can handle a bright pink or bold teal.
  • Nightstands are a great piece of furniture to use to bring in some color. For starters, they are usually the smallest (so easiest and least expensive) piece of furniture to switch out in your bedroom, and they are available in a variety of bold colors. Or, if you’re not loving your current night stands, make it a DIY project and refinish them to your color of choice! This same theory/process can be used in the living room with your end tables as well.
  • Inside of a bookshelf. This one seems a little outside of the box, but have a boring white bookshelf in your office? Take out all the books and repaint the back panel with a bright shade of yellow; it instantly adds color but as soon as you add your books back on the shelf it gives you a little subtler of a look!
  • Add an area rug. There are few rooms that can’t handle the addition of an area rug. Even the kitchen or bathroom can use smaller rugs and can instantly be transformed with a bright bold color – even pattern!
  • Accent chair. Clearly, named “accent” chairs for a reason, this is a great way to bring in a bold color to many rooms in your home. Add a chair in your living room, bedroom, or even a corner in your dining room. Decide on the space if you want to find something just decorative or if you would want it to be functional as well and make a statement.

The best part about all these ideas is that, as easily as you make the transformation, you can take it back. You always want to keep in mind when decorating that less really is more, and not to paint/change anything that you could see yourself wanting to undo in the next two years. Happy Spring!

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Angled Ceiling Spaces

We have all seen those impossible to design spaces; the awkward corners, the weird lighting or the dreaded angled ceilings. Well it’s time to stop fearing those spaces and embrace them for the “funky” places they are! Today we are going to focus on great ways to decorate and design those angled ceiling rooms and area in your home.

The first point we will focus on is COLOR. Do you paint the whole room? Do you leave the angles the same color as the ceiling or wrap the color around the wall? There are so many options and in truth, the answer is not clear but more dependent on what you want the space to do for you. If you want to create bold contract, leave the angled ceiling white (or whatever color the ceiling is painted). This will keep the room brighter and a bit more open feeling too. If you paint the angled part the same color as the rest of the room, it will be more of a stark and closed feeling. Using accent walls is also a great idea for angled ceilings since the irregular angles are typically more accentuated and can be visually distracting.

Using these angles to your advantage is always a plus. There are many ways to work a bed into an angled space as well or creating a DIY project out of it and making a storage unit too. Many light fixtures now come with vaulted ceiling fixtures as well, or they can be purchased separately, so  adequate lighting will never be hard to come by. I would recommend using Pinterest to get ideas for DIY closets or bookshelves and other storage units – there are some really clever ideas out there!

Using these angles to create a space you love is tough work but in the end, can be your favorite room in the house. It’s always great to remember that angled or vaulted ceilings are an architectural feature too, so it is something that is not common in every home; making it even more special that it is in yours.

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Instant Room Changers

At this point, we have been stuck inside for months now!! I can’t be the only one getting a bit sick of these walls and am aching to get back out side, but for now still too cold and the sun just isn’t out as late as it needs to be. So what can we do? Well, if you are getting sick of your current rooms (as I am) here are a few ways to really make a difference and help you out:

  1. Accent wall: if you want to make a bold change to a room adding a new color or texture is a great way to really get a new feel on your living space. Be careful when choosing colors though; going to dark (especially in a low light room) will make the space feel even smaller and eat the light that comes into it. Textures or wall papers have really come back in style and some of the new patterns are a lot of fun and sure to make a statement in any space.
  2. Window treatments: We know window treatments and we know that they can affect the whole style of the room, you could instantly change any room with a new window treatment. You can add some roman shades, cellular, wood blinds, drapes, or curtains. Each of these will change the feel of the room and a lot of them come in modern colors and patterns.
  3. Furniture: a bit of flare you could choose a bold accent chair that really makes you feel better – something bright and airy; or you could just want to change up your sofa and go with a new color for the room all together.
  4. Re-arrange: one of the biggest changes that you can make (and it won’t cost you anything!) is to re-arrange and flip around your furniture. The room will feel new and different and you really just need to invest in a few man hours and time to rethink the layout.
  5. Throws and pillows: simple but effective; just changing the throw blankets and pillows you have on your chairs and sofa or cushions on your kitchen chairs can make a huge difference and be the thing that ties a whole room together.
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Bringing in the Bold: Charcoal

The gray color palette has been a trending style for the last few years. Some years it’s more muted, others a little brighter, but this year the trend is adding in the bold color of charcoal. The initial reaction is to shy away from the darkness in home décor, as not to overwhelm a space, but there are actually a few great ways to tie it into any space.

  1. Using it as a tile color. Whether it be a backsplash in your kitchen or a unique bathroom floor; charcoal tile, or even slate, can add a pop of color while maintaining a clean, streamlined look. The trend with darker tiles is usually to go with a tile that is a little larger, so the darker color does not overwhelm a space.
  2. An accent paint color. Bring the paint color in on a door, or the top half of a wall. Use it to make the trim in a room stand out. Dress up dated picture frames with a coat of paint. It is usually best to use it as an accent, being that painting an entire wall or room can drastically shrink the feel of the space.
  3. Re-purpose old furniture. Paint an outdated dresser. Re-paint kitchen cabinets. Even repaint wooden chairs for a dining room table. It is amazing when a piece looks like its ready to head to the junk yard, that it can be revived with a simple coat of paint. It’s generally easy to do with some sand paper, primer, and a can of paint.
  4. Use soft treatments. Generally, the easiest way to dress up a room, or change décor, it works here once again. Swap out bedding, add throw pillows, use blankets. Invest in new drapery, or blinds that will make the look of your windows really stand out. These are always pieces that are easier to swap out if you get bored of them over time.
  5. Exterior revamp. While charcoal may be a bold color for a room on the interior of the home, using it to paint the outside of your house is sure to give it a sharp look, and really increase the curb appeal (especially if you are switching from a more muted tone).

Keep in mind, that while this year charcoal is in, last year it was a lighter shade. You never know what next year will bring, so always keep in mind to keep it simple, and make sure that you love whatever you are changing or adding to your home!!

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Fall 2017 Colors

“That color is SO in right now!” Something we have all heard before in one way or another. Well, wouldn’t you like to know exactly what colors are IN for the Fall 2017? We have the top colors for both decor and fashion listed below and even included some helpful hints of where and how to use them. The best part of this group of colors is that even if you decided to use every color in the room, it would STILL look amazing! They just blend that well together. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Grenadine is just as it sounds. RED. It’s a very pure and rich red tone that works as the perfect accent color. This red would also make a bold statement in any home when placed as a statement piece, like a single chair or a large piece of wall art with Grenadine being the main color.

Tawny Port is a very deep burgundy/purple tone with an almost brownish hue to it. This color could be used to bring out the wood in flooring, furniture or other larger statement pieces in your space. If you had a mostly white room, this color would also be a great color to use as an accent due to its’ rich potency and heaviness.

Ballet Slipper is the most feminine of the colors by far. This pale pink is every so dainty and would look amazing with rose gold colored accents in a little girls room.

Butterum  & Autumn Maple just SCREAM “fall colors”. Together these two colors just perfectly describe what that “perfect autumn tree” would look like with its’ deep oranges and yellowish brown tones. Again, great for accent colors to use throughout a space to truely get that Fall look inside your home.

Navy Peony is a beautiful deep navy blue tone that is so dark it almost has black undertones, but when the light hits it right, this color really shines. This color is perfect for accents or bold statement pieces like a sofa or loveseat.

Neutral Gray is exactly as it is named. It is the most basic of grays with what seems like an almost perfect balance of white and black. This gray would make for an excellent accent wall color in a large space or even an area rug that focused on multiple grays.

Shaded Spruce looks like you walked deep into an evergreen forrest, looked up amidst the towering trees and then took a picture. This green tone is so true to its name it’s almost scary! A gorgeous color to help offset those Butterum and Autumn Maple accents in the space as well!

Golden Lime is the “wild one” of the bunch. It’s almost like a lime went and had one too many margaritas during happy hour.  A funky blend of green and yellow together to make this fun accent color which would be a neat way to help accent the reds and blue in the room.

And finaly we have Marina; a salty sea blue that stays true to its name. A great way to help lighten up that Navy Peony too!

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Spring Decorating

What better way to welcome spring by some home decorating! A great way to update things is using a pop of color, and this year, the color is teal!

The good thing about the color teal is believe it or not – it is pretty nuetral! Being that it is a color that is found in nature – shades in the sky, and ocean, it is easy to tie into your decor in a bunch of different ways!

-Add a painting. You can find paintings easily, that have wide ranges of colors in them – and can bring out different accent pieces within your room.  Ocean or lake pictures are great options to bring in the colors!

-Use accent pieces. Easy fixes are soft treatments – blankets, rugs, and throw pillows.  You can also use decorative pieces – picture frames, candles, and lamp bases are easy switches – that can bring in a lot of color.

-Bring in the outside.  Being such a popular color choice in 2016 florists have actually been growing flowers in various shades of teal. If you want to keep it simple, go with white flowers and get some teal vases. Spring is the perfect time to buy fresh flowers and use them to decorate – it reminds you that winter is finally over and summer is right around the corner!

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Design Trends: Prediction 2016

Design Trends: Prediction 2016

While it’s far too early in the year to determine all of the design trends of the year so far, there are a lot of predictions circulating around the Internet. For starters, a more is less, simpler is better seems to be a common trend.  It seems the color palette for home decor is staying within the neutrals, and the theme of using metals as accent colors seems to be inevitable.

As far as wall colors, 2016 is looking pretty neutral.  Although there are greys predicted, they are more muted versions than last year.  The palette consists of off whites with both a beige and grey tint to them, and some cooler versions of both the grey’s and beige’s.  In terms of accent colors, trend seems to be moving a little further from the greys, and more to bold statement colors including vibrant blues, pinks, and greens – but again just as accent colors not as entire rooms.

As far as furniture, natural woods definitely seem to be this years style thus far.  But in a change from the last few years, some lighter color woods are making a comeback.  Bamboo tones are also predicted to become more popular this year following the trend of going “green” being bamboo grows more quickly than most other woods.  Dark woods appear to be more accent furniture pieces this year as opposed to being the most predominant color of years past.

In terms of decorative elements, metals and textured pieces seem to be sticking around for another year.  This style allows you to bring in decoration without introducing new colors into your room, as most of them fall into a natural color scheme as well.

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Fall is Here!

 Fall is my favorite time of the year. Time to break out the scarecrows, leaves and pumpkins. Time for scarves, boots and hot cider. The leaves are changing day by day, to beautiful shades of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and greens  Pumpkins and apples are back in full swing. Be prepared to find those flavors added to any of your favorite treats. This time of the year my house smells like a warm cinnamon apple pie all day long. That alone puts you in the autumn spirit. I live in a small apartment so there is only so much I can decorate with out taking away from my tiny space. My holiday decoration go-to are the little gel window stick-on. They’re only a dollar and vary from Holiday, season, and even phrases. I put them on my windows and mirrors. They can add pizazz to any decor. I have my fall pumpkins out with the fake leaves to dress up my table. another thing i like to do with the season change is switch up my curtains and lampshades. Take away the summer colors and add a warmer feel, with some shades of red or burgundy. The easiest way to freshen up your room without spending a dime is to just rearrange the decor, such as the couches or television set. There is nothing more relaxing to come home to after a long day at work, or waking up to, is a clean and fresh home. The warm apple pie wax melts are enough to give the harvest feel to any space big or small.
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