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child safety


The Rise of Cordless

By Steven M.

Blinds and shades have made a giant leap into the 21st century recently with the trend of the cordless option. For decades we have become used to pulled a string or cahin in order to raise our window coverings. In todays modern times of child saftey and clean/sleek looks, cordless is a much sought after option many people look for in todays window treatments. 

Cordless blinds and shades provide many advantages over thier older models of strings and chains. Clean looks and less clutter are something most people are looking for in recent times. Providing a modern look to their home or living space is a common request among consumers. Cordless provides this and much more with the elimination of extra items hanging in your window, and making the process of using the blinds and shades easier, by having less variables in which to make them function.

Child saftey is another issue that the cordless option addresses, by having less items hanging and appealing to small children. No cords to pull and play with means the risk of a blind or shade being completly pulled down and out of the window is essentially gone. A loop cord in which a child could seriously hurt themselves or worse, is also eliminated, and with it a lot of parents worries about what their children are getting into when unsupervised.

Cordless serves multiple purposes wether you want a clean modern look, or young ones who like to explore. Hence why it is one of the most requested options among consumers today.

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October is Window Safety Month

Kids. They’re amazing, but they somehow manage to get into an awful lot of mischief. So why not avoid some of that mischief all together by decorating your windows with Child Safe Window Treatments? Don’t know where to begin? Here are some great examples:

The easiest way to avoid any potential hazards with window treatments is to ensure that they have no cords. Fortunately, because child safety is so important that most companies make all products with  the option of cordless or corded now. Cordless products will range anywhere from a simple spring roller Roller Shade to an elegant cordless Roman Shade. The best part about cordless is that they now come with blinds too! Not just fabrics anymore; Faux Wood, Real Wood and even Aluminum blinds can come with a cordless mechanism. No cords, no worries!

Are you in love with a product that does not come with a cordless option? No problem! All corded blinds and shades now come with child safety mechanisms like cord ties or cord cleats to help hold the cords in place, which allows you to have peace of mind. These cord ties/cord cleats are mounted along the inside of the window sill or on the wall next to the window, allowing the cords to be wrapped/tied around them. You also have the option of the chain loop tie down which, again, is mounted to the sill and the chain loop is tied through the middle, making it impossible for wandering hands to grab ahold.

If you’re ever unsure about a product, you can look for the Best for Kids certification label on products as well! This label easily helps you to identify those blinds or shades that are best for homes with children.

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Keeping Our Kid’s Safe!!

By: Karen

There are so many things to worry about your kids getting hurt on, between the things that we think of, and the things that never cross our minds, it’s hard to keep track of everything. When was the last time you thought about the safety of your window treatments? I know I hadn’t, until I saw a story on the news about a child getting hurt.  Unfortunately, it turns out there is a significant number of injuries each year due to window treatment hazards being overlooked.

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Cordless : Is It Really Worth the Money??

By: Karen

So, we’re decorating the nursery.  We’ve painted – a light, gender neutral yellow and green, and decorated with a jungle theme.  We got new furniture (at a reasonable price, because really, we know a lot of the pieces will be outgrown in a short period of time, and we’re not the type to spend frivolously). We even got valances to match the theme, with the same colors, and elephants and palm trees embroidery.    

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