The Sell on Cellular Shades

By Steven M. Honeycomb shades, acordion shades, cellular shades, the names all mean the same. A versatile shade, with more uses and funtions that most any other window covering. Cellular shades can help those who work overnight sleep well during the day, help with  a draft in your window, or simply help cut the glare […]

New Look

New Look Winter is officially here. Keeping the cold out of your house is literally a topic of conversation in your house once a week. The yearly debate of whether to cover the windows with the insulating plastic, buy some lined curtains, or invest in new windows coverings is now back on the table. The good thing […]

The Customer Comes First

By: Tiffany P. As a store that specializes in both blinds and shades, we like to ourselves on the back because we are the least expensive option for custom window treatments. The reason why we do this is simple, yes as a business profit is important, but here the customer, and the relationship with each […]

Cellular Cleaning Tips

By: Gloria H. When it comes to cellular shades one question that I get a lot from new and returning customers is how do you keep them clean?  Lots of times you may feel as if they are really hard to keep clean.  So I’m going to go over some helpful tips to keep your […]

Cool Summers

By: Tiffany H. The temperature is rising, and we all feel the heat of summer quickly approaching. With rising temperatures comes an increase in your utility bill, but fret not we have a few products that will withstand the heat and reduce you AC usage.

New Year, New Shade

By: Brittany Just picture it. You’re preparing for your annual new year’s eve bash and you’re cleaning every nook and cranny. Then there’s your windows. You think, “Wait a minute, since when were my shades grey? I know I bought bright white.” Dust strikes again, but fear not, you have options! Lucky for you, many […]

Being Cold is so 2013! (So is unnecessary expenses!)

By: Meghan Snow storms are happening, it is winter time after all. (Yes really, already!) The temperature is plummeting, and heating bills are sky rocketing. Gas, oil, electric, and even buying wood for those wood stoves can get costly. You don’t want to go into debt so you are wearing long johns, wooly socks, flannels, […]

Staying warm while saving

By: Gloria It’s hard to believe that the holiday season has already begun.  You’re creating your shopping list and it’s really staring to add up fast.  In the midst of your holiday shopping you still have to find the time to get new window treatments at a reasonable price.   A trained Design Consultant like myself, […]

Keeping the Winter Cold Out!

“The weather outside is frightful…. but the fire inside’s delightful”…  Snow is one of those great things that goes along with winter, it gives you that feeling that the holiday season is here and makes us merry.  The one thing that no one misses is coming inside from those harsh cold days that winter can […]