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October is Window Safety Month

Kids. They’re amazing, but they somehow manage to get into an awful lot of mischief. So why not avoid some of that mischief all together by decorating your windows with Child Safe Window Treatments? Don’t know where to begin? Here are some great examples:

The easiest way to avoid any potential hazards with window treatments is to ensure that they have no cords. Fortunately, because child safety is so important that most companies make all products with  the option of cordless or corded now. Cordless products will range anywhere from a simple spring roller Roller Shade to an elegant cordless Roman Shade. The best part about cordless is that they now come with blinds too! Not just fabrics anymore; Faux Wood, Real Wood and even Aluminum blinds can come with a cordless mechanism. No cords, no worries!

Are you in love with a product that does not come with a cordless option? No problem! All corded blinds and shades now come with child safety mechanisms like cord ties or cord cleats to help hold the cords in place, which allows you to have peace of mind. These cord ties/cord cleats are mounted along the inside of the window sill or on the wall next to the window, allowing the cords to be wrapped/tied around them. You also have the option of the chain loop tie down which, again, is mounted to the sill and the chain loop is tied through the middle, making it impossible for wandering hands to grab ahold.

If you’re ever unsure about a product, you can look for the Best for Kids certification label on products as well! This label easily helps you to identify those blinds or shades that are best for homes with children.

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Blinds Products Tips and Advice

Child Safe Blinds

By Karen E.

A lot of customers we have coming in are fist time home owners,  who are looking to settle into their new homes. Often, at the same time of settling into a new home, people are starting a family, which makes child safety a top proirity when coming in to look for blinds or shades.

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Naughty or Nice, Sugar and Spice Children’s Holiday Rooms

By: Meghan

Parents, want to make your child’s room or play room extra special this holiday season? Want to add decor- yes decor! as decor is the first step of DECORation- that will make the room cheerful and bright? Of course you do! You’ve already got tinsel, mini trees, garland, twinkle lights, personal menorahs, dreidel, but lets step it up further (and avoid clutter in small rooms or even potential fire hazards!) Themed rugs and bed spreads or furniture covers are great but the windows need something.

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