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Easy Solution For Our Sunroom

By: Sherry


Dubai Earl Grey Roller

My husband and I recently decided to re-do some of the rooms in our house. We hadn’t updated anything since we first moved in 10 years ago. On our list of rooms was our dreaded sunroom. I say dreaded because there are a lot of windows and they are pretty big. When we moved in, we looked at custom window treatments and it was a hefty cost at that time. Instead, we had decided to just buy some mini blinds off the shelf to cover them. Now, they are dusty, old, and we want to update the look; it was time to tackle this room.

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No More Beach Towels…

By: KarenSOLIDT_TpDn-1202C

Not to brag, but I’d say I have a very nice house.  Not too big, not too small, but comfortable, livable, and nicely decorated.  That was, until my husband bought his new TV, and decided it was acceptable to hang beach towels on the windows.  Red Sox on one, Patriots on the other, and Celtics on the other.  Not surprisingly, the day I came home and found this spectacle in my sunroom, I was not happy.  Apparently, it was the first afternoon he had been home since we got the TV, and the glare was so intense that he couldn’t see the windows, and of course, his first thought was to grab some towels…

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Serenity Shades for My Sun Room

By: DominicSS-207

I have a small sun room on the west wing of my summer home that has a large picture window in it. The room gets a lot of sun which is something that I really like but it can be over bearing at times. The middle window is fixed and the two side ones open up and I wanted to put three separate window treatments over each window. The window had a large vertical with plastic slats hanging which looked horrible and was also broken and falling apart so I took it down. I did a little research online and found that I had far more options than I could imagine. I decided that I would need some professional help so I visited a custom blinds shop.

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Top Down Bottom Up Solution!

By: Aisha


I recently renovated my home by building a large sunroom, and cutting down a few trees in the backyard.  It has five large windows, and one slider door that transitions to an outdoor deck.  All of the windows run along the same side of the wall next to each other, and the door is located on the opposite wall in the corner of the room.


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Large Sunroom, Small Budget

By: Brenna

SOFTLO1202A Now that my husband and I have retired, we are spending a lot more time together around the house.  Our main room of choice has recently been the sunroom. It is an area off the back of the house with 4 large windows, which take up a majority of the wall space. We have never had any window treatments to cover them because we have a lush wooded area surrounding our yard. This makes it not only private, but also provides an attractive view.  Since we now occupy this room during most of the daylight hours, we have discovered how unpleasant and harsh the sun’s rays can be during certain times. And this has disrupted any leisurely activity we may have been doing in the room at that time.

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