Sitting Duck: Life Behind a Slider

By: Ashley When looking at houses, many people love the fact that somewhere in their lower level house, they will have a sliding glass door. But no one understands that once you move in your going to need to cover the slider, to avoid becoming a sitting duck! Sliders will not only allow tons of […]

Slider and Windows… One Room…

By: Karen I just moved into a new condo, and my living room is huge. It opens to the dining room and kitchen as well, which gives it a nice, open feeling. The only problem is that when the sun comes out it gets really hot, really fast. There are about eight windows all together, […]

Sliding door alternatives

By: Nasim Most of the time we think we are restrained to one option for a sliding glass door, verticals. That is no longer the case, now there are a couple of different options that people use for sliding doors based on their particular necessities and wants. Based on what you’re looking for there are […]