Ginger & Spice

By: Gloria Its that time of the year, you’re planning your holiday gathering and want to finally get a window treatment for your slider you have been putting off. You don’t have much time  before your loved ones arrive, well good thing we offer a 48 hour delivery time!  Now all that’s left is to […]

Sliding door alternatives

By: Nasim Most of the time we think we are restrained to one option for a sliding glass door, verticals. That is no longer the case, now there are a couple of different options that people use for sliding doors based on their particular necessities and wants. Based on what you’re looking for there are […]

The Vertical Alternative?

By: Karen I know I’m not the only one out there that hates verticals. But the truth of the matter is, they do the job, and they do it fairly well. But they are noisy, bulky, and generally unattractive. I know they tilt open and closed, and move to the side when you want to […]