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Authentic Bamboo is Perfect in the Summer Home

By: DominicRL-miami_esp-019_cmyk
I have a summer home that sits on beach front property where I spend most of my time in the summer. The house has a sun room that actually has the beach right next to it. I can see the ocean from the room and I was not planning on loosing that view but I really needed something to break up the sun in the afternoon. The room has four double windows and I had wanted to put something natural with a beach feel to it on them.
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Bamboo Shades for Sun Room

By: Dominic

A couple of years back I bought a vacation house by the beach. The house has a nice sun room facing the beach, with six average sized windows in it, and a sliding door. I really like the view, but the sun can be very harsh in there during the hot summer months. I decided that I had to put something on the windows to cut back on the sun. I also was looking to get a little privacy out of it, but that wasn’t a major concern.

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Window Treatments for Homes on the Beach Homes!

By: Brenna

This past summer I finally had the time to purchase new blinds for my house down the Cape. When I bought it the year before, it came with flimsy tattered plastic mini blinds on all the windows. The house itself is a beautiful beachfront cottage and has boatloads of charm. So you can imagine my dismay upon entering to see the nice white molded window frames encasing such a cheap covering.

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