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One of the big styles in 2018 is pattern. Big, bold and colorful patterns. The problem a lot of people run into is how to use the pattern, and how much is too much. These patterns are so bold that it’s easy to overdo a good thing. To make it a little easier, we have broken down a typical house – room by room – and made a list of suggestions on how to introduce these fun new patterns!

  • Bedroom: Change up your bedding! The bedding is the number one statement you can make in any bedroom since the bed is almost always the focal point. It is also an easy enough thing to change up every season, once a year, or whenever the mood strikes.
  • Kitchen: Use your kitchen towels! It may seem like a small change, but generally the kitchen is one of the more “cluttered” room in your home – so you don’t want to add to the congestion – but a bright red and orange towel set will surely stand out amongst your gray or neutral palette.
  • Living Room: Add some side panels. Side panels are a good way in any room to introduce some color. The living room is a great space to change these because the windows tend to be less crowded than in some other rooms – and again it is usually a space with a more neutral palette that can handle a pop of color.
  • Bathroom: Go bold and change your shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy to change out and tend to be relatively inexpensive – so a great room to introduce that chevron pattern you have been eyeing in the store.
  • Dining Room: Grab a table runner or some placemats. The dining room tends to lack in pattern in general, so dressing up the table everyone is going to be gathered around is always a great way to change the room up – and it’s also a inexpensive update.

Most of these suggestions can be used in multiple places in the home, just keep in mind less is always more! It is always a good idea to have one big statement in every room in the house, and not to overdo one room with too many strong statements. Happy decorating!!

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General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Closet Organization Solutions

Often times, closets are an afterthought when it comes to home design. You may have ended up with the world’s narrowest linen closet, deepest entry way closet, or longest bedroom closet. Especially in a lot of older homes that were designed before closet organizers were trendy. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of creativity to make the most of these spaces, but it is always key to remember any space is useful no matter how awkward!

When we had first moved in our home, we were faced with all the above-mentioned problems. When we first moved, the obvious choice was to open the closets, and just throw stuff in, and close the doors – I mean, that’s why they had doors right?! Well, as time went on, and as seasons changed (where did all the winter boots go…??) it became obvious that being organized was more important. Starting with the small narrow hall closet, I took a step back to realize what we were working with. Although it was a narrow/tall space, it was evenly divided by five shelves. Initially, it was full of towels shoved at different angles. Instead, I completely emptied it, and found different baskets that would fit perfectly. When you have a basket, you can slide in and out, we were able to utilize the closet for all our bathroom items. Now, rather than things falling out at you, you pull out the baskets (each labeled) to easily locate a fresh toothbrush!

As far as the entry way – good problem to have – too much space – unless poorly used. We ended up needing to add shelving to this closet – and did it the easy way with the easy assembly kits from the local hardware store. We also added small battery-operated LED lights so that we could see in the back of the closet. Once we added these shelves, we could use half the closet to line up our shoes, and then still had a hanging space where we could use the closet for its intended use – coats. We even now had space on a shelf to add baskets for all our cold weather accessories.

The bedroom closet was the best problem to have – because there was a lot of space. Unfortunately, being off the bedroom and over the garage it was an awkward space, with no shelves or hanging space. While it took a little more effort, we ended up adding shelves, hanging space, and drawers – again all from the easy DIY section of the hardware store, and made it a closet you would be envious of. A space for clothes, accessories, even the towels which no longer had a home.

In the end, all of the space was so useful, and so much better utilized. Just remember, like any household project, it takes some time, some planning, and some patience.

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Designing Her “Big Girl Room”

As little girls grow older, they want and assert more independence and adventure out while trying to figure out who they are. Every girl wants a bedroom that is fun and embodies who she is.

For starters, spicing up the room up with bright fun colors is always a great place to begin this transformation. Try letting them choose two colors that blend well together. For example two shades of purple or a purple/pink combination. This will allow them to choose colors they like and are inspired by, while you still being able to say you opinion as well.

Next, try adding some funky furniture. Ikea and Target have great funky and original looking pieces that are relatively inexpensive and can really liven up the room. Look for furniture that is comfortable yet exciting. Such as fury bean bag chair, fuzzy rugs, egg shaped chairs or small hammocks. Having a really cool lamp is always interesting too. The right lighting in a room could truly make all the difference. Simple changes such as adding throw pillows to the bed or changing the bedding in general can also be a great addition or change to the room. 

Decorative stickers are always a plus and add more of a personal touch to the design. Depending on the age of the girl; there’s a wide variety to choose from. It can be her favorite Disney character, motivational quotes, butterfly stickers or their initials. Great thing about the stickers is that your choices are endless. If you really want to think out of the box; your local retail stores carry chalk board stickers that come in all shapes and it’s cool for all ages. Which can be used for several reasons; such as a calendar, a things to do board or a signature space for their friends.

There is no major rhyme or reason to putting the room together. At the end of the day; the goal is to make sure the room is fun, inviting, and filled with all things she loves which makes her feel special.

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One Room At A Time: Bedroom Wrap Up

No matter how many episodes of home makeover shows you watch on television it is hard to replicate those styles with the same flair as they seem to do.  Of course, your bedroom is also unlikely to be featured on TV, so the best thing to keep in mind is to make it perfect both aesthetically and functionally, for you! To make that task a little easier, here are a few tips to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom.

  • Add some plants to your room.  Not only does adding some greenery make for a great decoration in your room, studies show that it’s great for the air quality in your room.
  • Make use of any space you have.  Keep in mind that the inside of any closet or wardrobe doors is space just waiting to be used – most stores sell hanging organizers in many shapes and sizes, so either pick up one of them or borrow an idea and do it yourself!
  • During the day, open all curtains and blinds to let the light in.  Not only is the sunlight healthy for us, it makes the room appear larger and brighter.
  • Add mirrors to your space. Don’t just settle for your one full-length mirror – which is often more for function than décor, add mirrors to different walls, not only do they reflect light, but they also give the illusion of your room being more open.
  • Use area rugs to your advantage, rugs add a decorative element to your room as well as warmth.  While being reasonably inexpensive, you can change them out frequently to update your décor.
  • Keep simple Feng Shui in mind.  Make sure the door does not line up directly with your bed.  Have symmetrical bedside tables on each side of the bed.  Make your bed accessible from both sides.  (I’m not an expert, but any tip that could help to calm my life is one I’m willing to try!)
  • Out of all colors to paint your walls, green is the most calming.  Followed closely by blue.  Red and yellow tones tend to have the opposite effect.
  • Make your bed each morning. Along with picking up the laundry, and putting away any clothes that make it to the floor.  The less clutter = the more relaxing.
  • Keep the furniture simple.  Spend more time utilizing the space inside your closets to get the most out of that space.  If your furniture takes up a majority of the space in the room, it is going to look cluttered.

Again, keep in mind your room may not be TV ready.  But if you can’t wait to relax in it at the end of the day, it means it is just perfect for you!

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Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

BTG Store 151

People generally spend a lot of time decorating the main living spaces in their homes, living, dining room, and kitchens. Ironically, you probably spend the most time yourself, in your bedroom – it’s what you see in the morning when you first wake up, and it’s what you are looking at before you go to sleep for the night. So that’s why this spring, your bedroom deserves a makeover!

For starters, the wall color will have a huge impact in the bedroom. The trend is towards white this year – but if white is too plain for you, go with a color, just a very lightened shade. If you have a favorite color, start with that and have the paint store add white to soften it. Although you could go with the more bold version, the softer color will make your room feel more modern, and much more relaxing than the bolder tone.

The next easiest change are the soft treatments in the room. The bedding can make a huge difference on the overall look of the room. Again, stick with softer colors to make the room feel more like a retreat – if you want to liven things up, add in a pattern that can add some character to the room. You can also accent with rugs, and throw pillows to bring in similar colors or patterns. Depending on what you go with for the bedding, compliment it with the window treatments. You don’t want too much of a good thing – so if you go plain on the bed, add some pattern in the curtains (and visa versa).

Finally, if you want to keep the changes more simple, just change out the accent pieces. In your bedroom, that could be as easy as a jewelry box, or the picture frames on the bedside tables. You can change out either the lamp or just the lampshade to pop a color. Bring in some color with candles or even vases full of flowers. Add some paintings on the walls that remind you of a relaxing getaway – or of family and friends.

Just keep in mind, this is your retreat from the world – and maybe other than your spouse, no one will be using this space but you. Enjoy!

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Spring Updating

Spring Updating

As soon as the days begin to get warmer, you realize it is time to spruce up the house for spring! One of the most popular trends for 2016 is – nautical.  The great thing about this style is you can take it as simple or as over the top as your decorating style may be, and it can be used in pretty much any room in the house.

The basic premise of a nautical style is simple.  Clean colors – white, beiges, and navy are the three predominant colors that are often used. Luckily, most people have a room in their home that has either white, or beige walls – so an easy template to start working with.

In pretty much any room you can add the pop of color with curtains or other soft treatments in the room (blankets, pillows, rugs). Generally you want to add a pattern or a pop of navy blue.  There are a ton of different materials in the store this year with prints ranging from anchors, to starfish, to simple sailing stripes.

If you are dealing with a bedroom, change out the comforter set to bring in the patterns and designs.  If a bathroom, switch out the shower curtain.  It’s even a simple update in a bathroom – changing out the counter accessories (there are a ton of shell themed bathroom accessories).

But remember, the basis of the style is to keep it simple and clean.  Add one piece, or multiple pieces, but just make sure to make it fun!


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Bedroom Cleaning

Bedroom cleaning
Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed when their bedroom is super messy. The first thing I usually do is put a cap on and gloves, so I can start my organization process. The second thing I do is to turn on the radio and tune on to my favorite station and have a blast. If you’re like me you’ll have two left feet, so make sure you lock the door so no one walks in on you. In terms of cleaning, the first thing I usually tackle is my bed. Most of us spend half of our life on a mattress, so to disinfect it,  mix vinegar with  a little rubbing alcohol, and some tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz on your mattress.  This will help combat dust mites, mildew, and general odors. Replacing old pillows cases with new ones will make you feel like you already halfway done.
Now if you are lucky enough  to have a closet with clothes and shoes spilling out of them, I would go through them and  and either have a yard sale or go to your local goodwill to donate some (my rule is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year). If you do not have  a large closet like me, purchase some  book shelf online and organize any folded shirts and pants. Leaving my clothes in the open shelves prevents me from making a mess, because it is right where I can see it.
I don’t know about you but having top notch window dressing is as important as having a great mattress. Because I live in New England during the winter I always have cold drafts in my room. That is why I have invested on some Prestige Cellular shades from Blinds To Go that add an added layer of insulation to my windows. With the lifetime warranty on the way my shades,  I know I have one less thing I have to worry about.
BTG 152


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Bedroom Update

Bedroom Update

BTG Store 151

Once you finish the boring task of spring cleaning – tackle a fun project! One thing that is always fun is a makeover – but instead of making over yourself – chose a room in your house that you would like to redo! One of the easiest rooms to change without too much investment is a bedroom. Of course, as in any project, you can spend as much or as little as you would like, but in a bedroom, a few small changes go a long way.

For starters – your bedding. Maybe you are just tired of your sheets, maybe you have had enough of the comforter as well – but this is a great place to start and set the tone for the room. Chose a color or pattern that you really like and would want to base the décor of the room around. It is usually easiest to start with the bedding and move from here. A few tips to keep in mind – how much pattern/color can the room handle – depending on the size of the room and the bed – you want to think of the impact the color you choose will have. You can go as bold as you want to brighten the place up, or as simple as you might like, and create more of a zen escape.

From there, tackle the window treatments. Depending on the projects budget, you can replace the blinds/shades in the room – might be time to invest in some blackout shades that will allow you to sleep in on the weekend. (Remember its always best to keep your hard window treatments neutral, and you can always decorate around them). If you are looking to keep the project a little less expensive, invest in some new curtains that match to the to the color or feel of the new bedding.

The next step would be to focus on accessories. Little trinkets can be used to make a big impact on the appearance of the room. Lamps can be put on the end tables. Jewelery boxes can bring in the accent color on your dresser. Candles can bring color to a dark area. Flowers are a great way to bring in a color (depending on the style of the room).

It is always a good time to take a look around and assess if there is anything old that needs to be discarded or donated – remember your trash might be someone else’s treasure! Just have fun with the project – whether it is your room or the guest room, make it a room that you want to spend time in!

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Be Bold!

A beach themed bedroom can provide a mini vacation during drab seasons of the year. Paint the walls in relaxing colors found at the beach and accessorize with souvenirs from beach vacations. The beach theme sets a relaxing tone perfect for a bedroom. Shells are an attractive and inexpensive way to accessorize. Contain a collection of small shells in a glass bowl. Arrange large shells on night stands and shelves. Fill a shadow box with favorite shells and hang on the wall. Use bedding that incorporates a shell design. Beach colors include shades of tan, white, blue, green and brown. Go with a crisp blue and white palette, or use a combination of several beach colors on the wall. Use wall paper or border emphasizing light, airy colors such as white, tan, light blue or green. Or, use dark colors to give the room the feel of a light house or boat house. Decorate with items found along the beach. Use framed posters and prints of hot dog stands and changing booths. Add sailboats, life preservers and palm trees. Use light colored woods and wicker for picture frames and accents. Decorate your windows in style with light colored room darkening cellular shades with top down bottom up feature that will give you that warm and cool feeling but still giving you privacy. Most importantly go heavy on the beach theme with bedding printed with shells, waves or palm trees. Or apply a light touch by using solid colored sheets and blankets in beach colors. Consider adding decorative pillows with beach themes. Having your bedroom “beached out” adds a sense of love for nature and also clean, breezy with a coastal style.

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