Geometric pattern on these patio doors. General Inspiration Tips and Advice


One of the big styles in 2018 is pattern. Big, bold and colorful patterns. The problem a lot of people run into is how to use the pattern, and how much is too much. These patterns are so bold that it’s easy to overdo a good thing. To make it a little easier, we have broken down a typical house – room by room – and made a list of suggestions on how to introduce these fun new patterns!

  • Bedroom: Change up your bedding! The bedding is the number one statement you can make in any bedroom since the bed is almost always the focal point. It is also an easy enough thing to change up every season, once a year, or whenever the mood strikes.
  • Kitchen: Use your kitchen towels! It may seem like a small change, but generally the kitchen is one of the more “cluttered” room in your home – so you don’t want to add to the congestion – but a bright red and orange towel set will surely stand out amongst your gray or neutral palette.
  • Living Room: Add some side panels. Side panels are a good way in any room to introduce some color. The living room is a great space to change these because the windows tend to be less crowded than in some other rooms – and again it is usually a space with a more neutral palette that can handle a pop of color.
  • Bathroom: Go bold and change your shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy to change out and tend to be relatively inexpensive – so a great room to introduce that chevron pattern you have been eyeing in the store.
  • Dining Room: Grab a table runner or some placemats. The dining room tends to lack in pattern in general, so dressing up the table everyone is going to be gathered around is always a great way to change the room up – and it’s also a inexpensive update.

Most of these suggestions can be used in multiple places in the home, just keep in mind less is always more! It is always a good idea to have one big statement in every room in the house, and not to overdo one room with too many strong statements. Happy decorating!!

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General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Half Bath Dilemma

When purchasing a new home, the number of bathrooms is generally key. Depending on the size of your family, any additional bathroom space can be a deal maker or breaker. Even a small half bathroom can make a difference for a family home. But, when it comes time to decorating, or renovating this space, you run into some challenges you may not consider in a full bathroom. Overall, you want to make what is generally the smallest room in the house, feel as big as possible.

  • Go with a bright, light paint is a great way to open the space. Sticking with a white or slightly off-white color palette – with either a grey or blue tone is a great place to start.
  • Add wainscoting. The small accent at the bottom of the wall – in white – makes the room appear larger. It also will lend itself to adding some décor to the space, which is not easy to do in such a small space.
  • Make sure the vanity is proportionate to the space. Although you may be able to fit a larger vanity in the room, keep in mind what you need in there. Being that it is a second or third bathroom, chances are you won’t need many bathroom supplies, so won’t actually need that much space. And the smaller vanity you go with the larger it will make the room feel.
  • Get fun light fixtures. Lights are another way to make a statement, as well as brighten up the room (again making it feel bigger). There are a variety of different light fixtures available now in a lot of different colors and sizes so you can find one to fit your space!
  • Use bright window treatments. Sticking with something light filtering – that will give you privacy but let the light filter through is a great idea in a bathroom. Cellular shades or roller shades are good options because they give you a very clean finished look.

Overall, just make sure to keep it simple. If you go bold with your light fixtures, keep your vanity neutral. If you go with a bold color on your vanity, make sure to stay light on the walls. In this room, less is more, but as always make it your own!

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Bathroom Roman shades Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Bathroom Wrap Up

Being that a bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house, any change you make can make a pretty big statement. Most of the time, renovating the entire bathroom is not in the budget, but there are a lot of smaller changes you can make to the room without breaking the budget (and a great thing to keep in mind when you do renovations, the more neutral the palette, the longer you will get away with small updates). We’ve compiled a list of updates you can do – some smaller than others, just be sure to keep your budget in mind.
– Add open shelving. – Tall, skinny cabinets, can add a lot of storage space in the room without taking up too much floor space. You can use the majority of the shelves just for storage, or just keep it simple and fill them with decorative pieces that bring in some color and style to the room.
– Mirrors. – Use mirrors to your advantage when decorating any smaller space. Not only are mirrors convenient in the bathroom for the purposes of getting ready and admiring yourself, but they are great for making a room look more larger, open, and brighter.
– Decorative baskets. – Adding baskets to a bathroom space can allow you more room for storage, either dirty or clean. They can also be a great way to bring in color or texture, like a woven basket, or a patterned design that can add a pop of color to a neutral colored room. And you can easily find them in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on what size/space you have to work with.
– A fresh coat of paint. – Adding a fresh coat of paint can instantly give your room a makeover. Taking a dull outdated beige or green, to a new updated shade of gray will give you a new look without too much work. Aside from gray, nautical themes are popular right now so adding an accent wall of a bold blue or navy can really make a statement as well.
– Patterns. – The use of pattern has become popular again throughout the home, but especially in the bathroom. Don’t go overboard, but bring in some patterned wallpaper on an accent wall, the wall behind the vanity is always a great idea because your eye is generally drawn to that wall in a bathroom. If you want to make a statement (that is a little easier to change), bring in the pattern with a bold window treatment or shower curtain.

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General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Bathroom Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments in your bathroom, there are a few more things to take into consideration than in most rooms. Although it is a completely possible project, there are a few more challenges that you need to take into account. We have tried to help you out by taking a few of these and presenting solutions for each.
– Moisture. – Moisture, moisture, moisture. Definitely, the number one problem to take into consideration is how much moisture is in your bathroom. Do your mirrors fog up when you are taking a shower? Are your windows in close enough proximity to your shower to get splashed – even if only on occasion? Is your window directly located above a tub/jacuzzi where steam will be getting to your window treatments? Is your window located in the shower (if you’re in New England, there’s a pretty good chance of that)? If you answered yes to any of these questions – you will end up having a moisture issue of some sort, eventually. The best option to counteract this situation would be a vinyl option. The most popular solution are faux wood blinds. Not only are they made out of PVC, but they are extremely durable, and can be wiped down easily for cleaning. They allow for privacy, darkening, or a decent amount of light based on how you end up tilting them open/closed. A vinyl roller shade is also an option, although is generally room darkening, and you don’t necessarily want or need your bathroom to be dark.

– Ability to clean. – Aside from the basic moisture, being able to clean the window treatment in the bathroom is generally a plus. From fingerprints, usually dirty from before a shower, to the dust that collects due to moisture in the air, there are a few considerations. A lot of beauty products, for example, hairsprays, spray in conditioners, and body sprays/colognes can leave a sticky feeling on window treatments fairly quickly. This being said, the options listed above still remain as the best solutions, as vinyl is also the easiest material to clean.

– Privacy and Light. – It’s a bathroom, so obviously you are hoping no one can see you! But, considering that the bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house, you don’t want to make the room any more closed in than necessary. In the past (more than likely your grandmother’s house), curtains were a go-to solution – but really who has time anymore to take down curtains, wash them, and iron them. If the previously mentioned issues are not a concern in your room, pleated and cellular shades are great options, because when they are covering the windows they still filter in the natural light. If the above issues are a concern, stick to a blind that you can tilt open and closed.

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Bathroom Decor General Inspiration Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Bathroom Trends

As we discussed in bedroom trends, there are also a variety of new trends for bathrooms in 2017, although a lot of trends from 2016 seem to be repeating again this year. Which is great news if you just remodeled last year! If not, we have gathered a variety of the trends to share with you.
– Bring the feel of nature into your bathroom. You can keep it simple and bring some plants into the room – not only to provide a look but it is good for the air in the room! Also gaining popularity is bringing a wood look into the room, either through a “wood look” tile floor or through a natural wood vanity. One of the more popular trends this year is using a stone tile, most often on the shower floor, or as an accent in any tile throughout the room.
– Add some drama to the room. The most common way is through tiles, which has really expanded recently with bolder patterns and colors. Adding glass accents can also add a dramatic look, whether through shower doors, or even tiles. Metallic accents are also back this year (a change from the more matted styles that had become popular in recent years) and can be added fairly easily through basic bathroom accessories, or even by replacing something as simple as toilet paper/towel holders.
– Stick with neutrals. Gray remains the most popular color to use throughout your decorating, but some pale pastels are joining as new neutrals as well. Don’t mistake pastels for Easter egg colors, rather than whites with a hint of color added to give some warmth to the space.some pale pastels are joining as new neutrals as well. Don’t mistake pastels for Easter egg colors, rather than whites with a hint of color added to give some warmth to the space.
– Making the shower the statement of the room. Showers with glass walls, and large bold tiles. They are often accented with smaller glass tiles, either in a small border or to separate a storage area (soap, shampoo, etc). Adding large metallic fixtures as well give the shower a very high end finish.
Although a lot of the trends for this year are on the more expensive side, if you are looking for a simple update, or a less expensive change, you can always pull some inspiration from these styles. Keep in mind you can only do so many updates a year, and maybe 2017 isn’t the year for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Decor General Inspiration Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Bathroom Overview

Moving on from the bedroom to one of the second most utilized rooms in the house brings us to the bathroom. Although one of the most functional rooms in the house, it is often considered one of the rooms that make a big impact in terms of the décor of a home. Since it is also often one of the smaller rooms in the home, you can keep it simple, or go bold. And hey, most people that visit your home are likely to use the bathroom at least one time while they’re there, so you get to show it off!
There are two ways to look at remodeling the bathroom – it is a small room, so it can be a small project, or it is a small room so why not do a complete renovation (which then equals a huge project). If you are looking to do a total renovation, it is always good to keep in mind how long certain elements will be in the bathroom. A bathtub and toilet will be something you can keep for as long as you own a house, so even if the trend is gray this year, you may want to consider that ten years from now there will be a new trend. On the other hand, the vanity and shower tiles, while things that may last an extremely long time, will be elements you want to change out based on styles and trends that gain and lose popularity. Keep in mind though, if you do go very trendy with them they are not inexpensive items to change out. The easiest elements to change out are the accent pieces and elements in a bathroom. Although it may seem small, the colors of your towels can quickly add a pop of color to your room. The throw rugs you have outside of the shower and in front of the toilet can also have the same effect. You can also update prints on the wall, or even your basic bathroom accessories – toothbrush holders, small handheld mirrors, and soap dishes. These items will make an even bigger impact if most the room is based on basic, neutral colors.
The key thing to keep in mind when designing a bathroom is that you want to keep it functional, and you want to keep it simple. But don’t be afraid to take a risk with a wall color – in the big picture, there is usually very little wall in the room so it won’t overwhelm.

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Blinds Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Bathrooms What Really Works

The one room in your house where you need privacy the most, often is the one room in the house where you have no idea what to cover your windows with! Bathrooms pose a lot of problems, number one being moisture, either in the air or directly hitting your windows, not to mention the many sprays and scents that tend to be used in your bathroom. Keeping these key ideas in mind, the most important qualities of the treatments are durability and moisture resistant.

Of course, being that every bathroom is different, you need to take into account what the biggest issue is in your own room. Is it the moisture – or do you have really good ventilation? Is it cleaning – or is this a bathroom that is mainly used for guests and will not see as much use? Where is your window located – is it in the shower, or within reaching distance for water to hit it, or is it just going to pick up on moisture that is in the air?

The most common option is to go with something that is vinyl. Not only is it the most durable, but it is easy to clean – you can wipe it down, and wash it off. Vinyl options include a traditional roller shade, that can be lowered when you are in the bathroom, and raised when you leave the room. You would also have the option of a vinyl mini-blind, your least expensive option, but can still be wiped clean. The most durable of the options is a faux wood blind – more or less an upgraded look to a vinyl mini blind – is a vinyl version of your traditional wood blinds – which can be easily cleaned and is extremely durable.

The disadvantage some people find to the vinyl options is you are not introducing much of a decorative element into the room. Although a faux wood is a finished look, that comes in a variety of colors, some people are looking for softer fabrics, that may introduce color or pattern into the room. When you are shopping for fabrics, just keep in mind that the majority of blinds can not be washed. If you are looking for fabrics search for a fabric that may have been treated with a stain repellent that may hold up slightly longer over time.

Keep in mind, that a bathroom is generally a smaller room in the home, it’s always nice to keep it simple!

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DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Bathroom Trends of 2016

Bathroom Trends of 2016

One of the easiest rooms to update and fix up is the bathroom.  Not only is it often the smallest space to redecorate – but it is usually simple, so one small update can go a long way.

To get on trend, update your hardware.  An easy fix, as most knobs and handles are removed with screws and a screwdriver.  Getting rid of a shiny silver or gold handle can instantly update an outdated space.  The newest trend in accessories is oil rubbed bronze, or brush nickel, which give a high end look compared to previously popular and shinier accessories.

Another great trend to update is your light fixtures. While not as simple as a switch as the hardware, most light fixtures can easily be changed out to update the look of the room.  The newest style is going bold with the light fixture, whether is be bold in color or style, make sure that it pops.  Hand blown glass globes are becoming more popular, and allow you to bring in some different colors without overpowering the room.  A lot of metal fixtures are also being used that are in the bronze and nickel families.

Pops of color which are gaining popularity throughout all home decor is an easy fix in a bathroom.  You can change out towels, rugs, or shower curtains, and make a huge impact. Bring in the color through plants and flowers as well that always pair well in a bathroom setting. Magenta’s, teals, and bold shades of greens are all popular among bathroom decor.

If you want to invest a little more into your bathroom, one of the newest trends is installing permanent, wireless, blue tooth speakers in your shower.  Just in case you get bored in the shower, you have built in entertainment!

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Tips and Advice Window Basics

Bathroom Window

By: Karen

We moved into a new apartment last week. It’s a perfect location in the city, close enough to walk to places, but far enough from your neighbors that you are able to have a backyard (no front yard, but that’s okay). There’s an actual full size kitchen, living room, and dining room. It’s 2 bedroom, 2 baths, which is great – no more sharing a bathroom! Really, it was everything my roommate and I had been looking for.

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